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Road Markings – are we at risk?

Written by on 14th May 2014

Road Markings – are we at risk?

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With the local elections coming up next week on Thursday the 22nd of May, local authorities all across the country are being accused of putting road safety at risk.

This is by failing to maintain the road markings on all roads and highways.

Half of all the road markings that are controlled by local authority in England are so worn that they need replacing immediately or need to be scheduled for replacement now.

This is the Road Safety Marking Associations findings according to a survey of 1,200km of the country’s locally controlled roads.

It also discovered that just 12 per cent of road markings on all local authority controlled carriageways make the “excellent” grade.

Candidates for next week’s elections should give a commitment to prioritise road safety as roads can be very dangerous if they are not maintained correctly.

If you’re a road user and want to highlight a failed road marking, report them online at Every input will alert the local council to fix the road.

Click above below to hear Harvey Kalket speak to George Lee who is the National Director of the Road Safety Markings Association, and to Lincolnshire County Council’s spokesperson Simon Burgees.