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A Children’s University for Lincolnshire

Written by on 21st May 2014

A Children’s University for Lincolnshire

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The Children’s University (CU) is a Trust which is managed through a network of over 80 local Children’s Universities in England.

Each university network is prepared and designed to be distinctive and aims to meet the local community’s needs.

The children’s university trust has established a network of over 100 local centres.

Children’s University graduates have contributed to over 2.25 million hours of voluntary learning.

The University of Lincoln has been invited to participate in the children universities scheme which is great for the children and their families in the community

On Friday the 23rd of May the university is hosting an event which lets the community’s families and children find out what the children’s universities scheme is.

Click the button above to hear Harvey Kalket speak to Debbie Bird, who is the head of the children universities local support and development. Harvey also interviews Emile van der Zee who is the man behind the partnership with the children’s university scheme.