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Mid Week Drive – June 4/5 2014

Written by on 5th June 2014

Another Midweek Drive launches with Cameron Tilbury in Nashville joining Alex Lewczuk, Rachel Warren and Holly Parker sorting out the Canadina Geography and Jersey connections with Anna Lewis.

Ace Writer/Director of Bunker 6 Greg Jackson joins the show from Halifax Nova Scotia and introduces Holly, Alex and Rachel to a whole new SF world of movie magic before the team celebrate the Birthday of George III with some fascinating reflections from ace author Bill Coles.

The show wraps with Tallulah Rendall ( reflecting on her recent `Banshee and the Moon` unveiling followed by Directors Ilana Rein and Phil ( Leirness sharing thier own perspectives with Rachel, Holly and Alex.

Minty Steade provides an update on the latest adventures of the Terrier Team before Richard Fitzwilliams dissects movies and art exhibitions on the first June TMDME for 2014.

Writer/Broadcaster Christine Webber provides some sage thoughts on time spent in cars for parents with children before Ian Lennox listens to another top Country sound. Matt Dawson MBE then takes centre stage and introduces a unique clean up campaign competition before Press Officer Winnie Murphy shares the excitement of day 1 of the Equitrek Bramham International Horse Trials.

More news on the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention with Sci-Fi London Founder Louis Savy, followed by Actress Victoria Rachael McCabe chatting about her starring role in `An Evening of Dirty Dancing` and the thoughts of writer/editor William Sitwell on Open Farm Sunday and more wrap up the final third of the show.