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Siren FM granted unique access to Newton’s Archive.

Written by on 16th July 2014

Siren FM granted unique access to Newton’s Archive.

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Dr Anna Marie Roos from the School of History and Heritage and her co presenter on “History of Science”, Dr Nigel Bickerton were given a tour of the Royal Society’s vaulted archives.

Keith Moore, the Royal Society librarian drew out several signficant works kept in the basement and one of them was Isaac Newton’s handwritten work “Principia Mathmetica”.

They also interviewed several members of staff from the University who were exhibting at the Royal Society’s 2014 Summer show.

Professor Nigel Allinson expalined the latest developments of PRaVDA; Dr Montelealegre-Zapate spoke about his bush crickets research and Professor Daniel Mills and Helen Zulch opened up the world of dog-friendly interactive trechnology.

The programme can be heard on demand by clicking the listen button, above.