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Captain Marvel, The Aftermath, Yajur, Countryside Lincs, Sci-Fi London and SciFi Weekender

Director of Communications at the University of Lincoln Elly Sample, Ben Lewis, Keera Allsebrook, Emma Street and Countryside Lincs very own Rosie Boycottbtravel with Alex Lewczuk to Gibraltar with Gabriella Peralta, London with Richard Fitzwilliams and Louis Savy, Newcastle with Arthur McKenzie, Singapore with Yajur and two-time fantasy award winner Paul Finch in the latest […]

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Engadin, GOSN, RATTS, Nine-Dart Finish, The Senton Bombs and Adrian Tchaikovsky

Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Ben Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk introduce Hammie to an unsuspecting world, deal with social media outage, congratulate Bill Coles, look forward to SciFI Weekender Part 1, find out where in Spain Abigayle Lemay is and feature a Spring Rock Contest with some ace new musicians, duly commented on by Starburst lead […]

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Alita- Battle Angel, `All About Eve`, `The Price`, The M Word, Happiness and Sleep Deprivation

Abigail Lemay, Rory McGowan, Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk move from Gibraltar with Gabriella Peralta to London with film/theatre critic Richard Fitzwilliams followed by Psychologist Professor Tanya Byron and Lloyds bank spokesperson Catherine Kehoe on the M word. Saira Khan and sports psychologist Stuart Holliday discuss success and happiness before Dr Sarah Jarvis provides some […]

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Mrs Lincolnshire Galaxy, Oscars, Vitamin D, Eating habits and 5G

Elouise Sheehan, Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk welcome Mrs Lincolnshire Galaxy to the studio and connect Gibraltar, London and Los Angeles with Gabriella Peralta, Richard Fitzwilliams and Phil Leirness. Arthur Mackenzie provides another inspiring thought for the day, Dr Chris Steele and Ian Mackintosh discuss the importance of Vitamin D, Dr Michael Crupain connects from […]

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Books Rock #3

Written by on 5th September 2014

Nicky Wells with the 3rd edition of Books Rock on Siren FM.

Click below to listen to the programme.

Books Rock #3 with Nicky Wells on Siren FM by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud

Reader's opinions
  1. Chris Longmuir   On   6th September 2014 at 3:30 pm

    I enjoyed listening to this and not only because I was featured. Thanks for that. I’m listening to the Proclaimers at the moment which is the final music on the programme, Keep up the good work.

  2. Sheryl Browne   On   6th September 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Yay! Fabulous show, Nicky! Thank you so much to JB at Brook Cottage Books for rating The Edge of Sanity so highly. It really does mean the world to a writer to learn that readers are truly enjoying their books. Thrilled! I can testify that Carol E Wyer did indeed rise to the challenge admirably. We got some fabulous photographic evidence to prove it (Carol looking slightly green around the gills at one point!). I’m just back from my hols, btw, and can confirm that Sue Fortin’s, Closing In, is a wonderful combination of thriller and romance. I’d definitely recommend it. Thanks again, Nicky (loving the choice of music, too) and Siren FM.

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