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Written by on 27th October 2010

Siren FM is pleased to bring two special programmes to the airwaves this Thursday (28th October).  Amelia and Ben are taking a break from presenting No Adults Allowed this week as Liam Juniper brings the final part of our Young Voices series.  For this final part of the series Siren has been working with Action for Children, a charity that works with vulnerable and neglected children.

Two children from the charity will be co-presenting the show with Liam and they will be discussing what life is like for people who are challenged by mental health issues.  The show starts at 3pm but before that Siren brings you another special.

Peter Moore

In December 2009 Peter Moore came back to the UK after being held captive by Iraqi militia for 31 months.  The Lincoln based IT technician was working in Baghdad training staff in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance when he was taken hostage by Asaib Ahl al-Haq, a Shia organisation also known as the League of the Righteous. 

10 months after his release he has given an exclusive interview to Siren FM’s Barnie Choudhury.  In the two part special he talks about his experience and how it has affected him since his return home.  The first part of the interview is being broadcast at 2pm with the second part being aired on the following Thursday also at 2pm.

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