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Siren FM is 4 today! Thank you for supporting us and here’s to the next 12 months, especially as we start the process of applying  for another 5 year licence in 2012. Andrew David – Managing Editor.

You’ve probably been horrified by the images coming out of East Africa; and may have been touched by Luke’s description, on Siren FM, of the plight of many refugees with young children. If you missed the donation details you can either; CALL 0370 60 60 900 TEXT £5 with the word CRISIS to 70000 or visit […]

After concerted efforts from a whole range of people, but most especially Geoff Thompson, the aerial is repaired and back broadcasting as it should do to the Siren FM area. Thanks for your understanding.  Apparently the repair is so robust it will outlive the life of the building! Happy listening – Andrew David

We must apologise that, at the moment, we are not broadcasting on full power as the aerial has suffered in the recent high winds.  Currently we have our aerial supremos looking at the best was to get us back up to full output. For the moment, though, we can only be heard very close (about […]

The appointment of a new news team, following Dom McAndrew’s marathon stint as the excellent News Co-ordinator since his first year at the University of Lincoln, has given us a chance to build on his excellent tenure of that office.  John Fernandez heads the team as our News Editor with help from 3 Assistant News […]

Siren FM is delighted to be part of an exciting and wide ranging project to send some of our interviews to a European radio network called Euranet –  Each week the production team headed up by Deborah Wilson, acting deputy head of the Lincoln School of Journalism, receives a briefing which gives our reporters […]

After many months of planning and a few little hiccups (!) in the final stages, we have finally installed and powered up our new transmitter.  It’s been specifically designed for community or small power stations and has one or two clever attachments that should make our signal, in the Lincoln and surrounding areas, as good as all […]

You may have noticed that yesterday, Wednesday 12th, there was a different sound to the output.  The big computer which stores all our music decided to give up.  Despite herculean efforts from our computer team, the kit resolutely refused to start.  So we’re now running on the system we moth-balled last February!  Please bear with us, […]

2011 – National Year of Communication. That’s what this year’s been designated by HMG and you could find your “voice” as part of the Siren FM team. And as we say a fond farewell to Rise ‘n’ Shine Rachel and the seriously arty Graham King, there are opportunities for some new talent. Your opening into […]