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The first Midweek Drive Morning Edition of 2016 brings Director Of Communications at the University of Lincoln Elly Sample with some exciting news of upcoming speakers, graduation days and applicant open days. Graduate Gabriella Peralta launches the programme form Gibraltar before Richard Fitzwilliams considers Awards, `The Revenant` and `Joy` and writer Ian Lennox shares his […]

The programme continues with Actress/Lamda Tutor Sarah Huntley sharing some thoughts with Elly Sample on life soundtracks, Orla Huguenot from Public Health England discussing a new sugar analysis app, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire Richard Wiseman giving advice on coping with change , more visiting highlights form the University of Lincoln and […]

Mary Dansie, Claire Margerison and Alex Lewczuk welcome Jayne Southall back to the studio for another Lincolnshire Agricultural Society Special with added Star Wars tinsel and Ian Lennox Curmodgeonlyness.

Director of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society Jayne Southall looks ahead to 2016 and discusses Goole with Shelagh Jones, simple food with William Sitwell and comedy curry nights with Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens. Alex Lewczuk and Claire Margerison co-pilot the programme for the last session of 2015.

Claire Margerison, Mary Dansie and Alex Lewczuk connect with Gabriella Peralta in Gibraltar, Arthur McKenzie and Ian Lennox in Tyneside and Liv Clarke in Cumbria in addition to featuring the broadcast debut of local Lincoln College Funk band The Square Bears.

Doctor Who Scholar Alan Stevens shares his thoughts on the concluding episodes of the latest season with Mary Dansie and Claire Margerison whilst Alex Lewczuk chats with Peter Gordon – The Chairman of the London Boat Show and The Square Bears provide move musical funk

Professor Jason Whittaker returns to the programme and brings a William Blake aspect to Nashville, Lincoln and Jersey with Cameron Tilbury, Andrew Walker and Anna Lewis. Meanwhile Alex Lewczuk presents the midweek drivettes , Emma Tinson, Eva Macdonald, Claire Margerison and Tessa Snart with their 2016 Official calendars

Author/Editor/Musician Paul Terry discusses his latest books on Top Ten Lists , Sleepy Hollow and more with Tessa Snart, Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison , Eva Macdonald, Professor Jason Whittaker and Alex Lewczuk before the team hear the Festive sound of Oliver Moriarty, connect with William Coles in Edinburgh and consider hip-hop with Director Phil Leirness.

Tenth Planet events guru Derek Hambley connects with Alex lewczuk, Eva Macdonald, Emma Tinson , Claire Margerison, Tessa Snart , Cameron Tilbury and Graeme Harper as the drivettes see out Nov in style with double birthday celebrations and more

The programme continues with premier couple Shane & Sheila Rimmer , Ace actress and author Annette Andre , Futurist Simon Coates, Birmingham legend Katie Grimason & birthday boy Phil Leirness sharing the journey with Derek Hambley ( ), Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison, Tessa Snart , Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk

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