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Author: Alex Lewczuk

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Author/Editor/Musician Paul Terry discusses his latest books on Top Ten Lists , Sleepy Hollow and more with Tessa Snart, Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison , Eva Macdonald, Professor Jason Whittaker and Alex Lewczuk before the team hear the Festive sound of Oliver Moriarty, connect with William Coles in Edinburgh and consider hip-hop with Director Phil Leirness.

Tenth Planet events guru Derek Hambley connects with Alex lewczuk, Eva Macdonald, Emma Tinson , Claire Margerison, Tessa Snart , Cameron Tilbury and Graeme Harper as the drivettes see out Nov in style with double birthday celebrations and more

The programme continues with premier couple Shane & Sheila Rimmer , Ace actress and author Annette Andre , Futurist Simon Coates, Birmingham legend Katie Grimason & birthday boy Phil Leirness sharing the journey with Derek Hambley ( ), Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison, Tessa Snart , Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk

Sally Mundy from The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society discusses the fantastic upcoming Food and Gift fair with Emma Tinson, Jessica Ward, Claire Margerison and Alex Lewczuk following the adventures of Gabriella Peralta`s dog in Gibraltar and linking the latest movie news and thoughts of Richard Fitzwilliams and Tyneside writer Ian Lennox

Julie Ellerby, Dominic Symonds, Charlotte Fage and Tom Watson discuss Peter Pan and more with Alex Lewczuk, Claire Margerison and Michael Blackburn in a Lincoln Performing Arts Centre Inspired Special with additional input from Andy Cook at Renaissance One.

Siren Managing Editor Andrew David shares his West Wing Experiences and provides advice for TMS newbie Tessa Snart after which Arthur Weingarten reveals his unexpected 2001: a Space Odyssey tale and Claire Margerison, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk welcome Director/Mentor Phil Leirness back to the programme

Vix shares her latest musical odyssey with the Midweek Drivettes before award winning playwright Dawn King discusses `Brave New World`, Food Historian Seren Evans-Charrington, & Harvester Restaurants Jo Hudson consider changing food fashions and Starburst Lead Writer Ed Fortune reflects on the programme with Alex Lewczuk, Emma Tinson and Eva Macdonald

Emma Tinson, Eva Macdonald, Claire Margerison connect with ace Appachelux singer Louisa Strachan, Blues Guitarist Stephen Dale Petit, Bafta award winning Director Graeme Harper and Editor of the legendary SFX magazine Richard Edwards and cover a panorama of perspectives from music to Bond and beyond

Dylan Roys , Steve Kirkby and Jake join Nick Elliott , Cat and Alex for a Halloween themed Midweek Drive which moves from Nashville to the York Maze and Tom Pearcy followed by another top monthly audio missive from Annette Andre.

A paradigm arts takeover featuring Sara Bullimore, Sam Atkins and Rob Pitman from Paradigm Arts together with writer Michael Blackburn and premier subject librarian Carol Hollier.