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Author: Alex Lewczuk

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Jayne Southall , Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk move from upcoming attractions at the Lincolnshire Showground to internationally acclaimed photographer Nick Elliott before wrapping up the programme with some thoughts on the importance of British bee-keeping for the next generation

The latest Inspired on Air features Alice Dale with news of upcoming delights from the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

Writer/Producer Philip Hurd-Wood makes a long awaited return to the programme and paves the way for a discussion on film.

Professor Jason Whittaker , Katherine Morten and Alex Lewczuk steer the show from Nashville to Manchester and Gibraltar/Barcelona with ace contributions from Cameron Tilbury, Lucy Beresford , Ed Fortune and Gabriella Peralta.

The programme becomes firmly connected with California as Emily Marrin shares the delights of the LA City Zoo and Botanical gardens , Randy Reinholz and Jean Bruce Scott provide some highly perceptive theatrical observations and Phil Leirness reflects on his weekly sessions with the Los Angeles Breakfast Club

Founder and entrepreneurial philanthropist Duncan Goose makes a welcome return to the programme after which Cameron Tilbury shares his latest news from Nashville, Star Trek Guru Larry Nemecek wrestles with phone-signals and ace actress/producer Lily Holleman provides an awesome live musical conclusion to the programme.

In which Katherine Morten, Kenna Zarebski and Alex Lewczuk congratulate premier press steward Alan Stennart, discuss the art of photography with Anthony Mosley and explore some of the many varieties of sheep at the 132nd Lincolnshire Show, ( photos on )

In which Kenna and Katherine go from the Art Gallery back to the press tent for the official launch of the 132nd Lincolnshire Show with CEO Jayne Southall and the team are enhanced with the additions of countryside expert Lew Bevan, Dylan Roys, Su Roys and Bridget Roys before Alex Lewczuk bids the tweeters and […]

In which Kenna Zabreski makes her Midweek Drivette location report debut on the eve of the 2016 Lincolnshire Show and together with Alex Lewczuk connects with Education Officer Rosie Crust, Society Director Jayne Southall, Lincoln Red Cattle, PR Interns, Drainage specialists, Cathedral Poppy arrangers and contemplates a career as a chainsaw sculptress.( photos on […]

Writers Sam Stone and David J Howe share the drivette duties with Katie Dorr and Mouthpiece poets’ very own Steve Cawte as the programme proceeds from Nashville with Cameron Tilbury to Jersey with Anna Lewis and California with Producer Arthur Weingarten and actress Annette Andre for some sparkling political perspectives ahead of William Coles latest […]