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Page: 28 Download (Duration: 6:59 — 6.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDave Kenyon, Co-Director of the Lincoln Boole Foundation, talks with Geoff Thompson about George Boole, one of Lincoln’s most famous sons. Dave tells us about George’s life in the 19th Century, his contribution to the modern computer age, and the society’s new website

Listen again to the first edition of our brand new programme all about books with Siren FM’s Nicky Wells. Books Rock 1 by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud Download (Duration: 25:05 — 23.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSClick above for another chance to hear a programme that we broadcast on Father’s Day, in which Richard Horatio Blair, the adopted son of author George Orwell, share his memories of his father with Siren FM’s Zara Healy. Download (Duration: 6:42 — 6.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS As the World Cup approaches, singer-songwriter Stuart Carr tells Ed Wellman how he has re-worked his song ‘The Special One’ for the the 2014 footballing championship. Click the button above to listen. Download (Duration: 19:26 — 17.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSJess and Lincoln of the No Adults team review their first film, Maleficent, the new release from Disney Studios. Angelina Jolie stars as one of the most iconic Disney villains. Your No Adults team explore the troubled past of Maleficent and her descent into darkness. Please be […]

Did you miss it? No worries. Click the button below to hear our special programme from last weekend, live from Lincoln City Square. Ed Wellman, Lucy Day, Malcolm Thompson and John-Paul Dickie were broadcasting simultaneously on Lincoln City Radio and Siren FM as the show came to town. Your local radio presenters chatted to the […] Download (Duration: 8:57 — 8.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Rupert Brooke is best known as one of the famous War Poets of the First World War. he was one of the fisrt poets to die, and his famous Five War Sonnets reflect the romantic, patriotic mood that was shared by most of the country. This […] Download (Duration: 7:24 — 6.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSHome-Start Lincoln is a local charity that provides a unique service by supporting families and parents with young children in the city and surrounding villages. In their 30th year, they have set themselves the challenge of recruiting an additional 30 new volunteers to help the team to […] Download (Duration: 1:20 — 1.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSMeryl Ward, from Uncle Henry’s farm shop has been telling Ed Wellman how much they are looking forward to being part of the 130th Lincolnshire Show, and why we should be visiting them this coming Sunday 8th June, as part of national Open Farm Sunday. Download (Duration: 4:06 — 3.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAs part of the successful Show Comes to Town event on Saturday, Marc Rhodes and Nicki Blake from Lincolnshire Sports were on hand to encourage ‘more people to get more active more of the time’. They certainly had their work cut out when our very own Seb […]

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