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Jake is back with more news from the world of tech. Listen again to the latest show here: Siren FM – The Cyber Den (16.04.2014) by Sirenfmcyberden on Mixcloud

Jake interviews the head developer of the upcoming fan-made free-to-play game TimeSplitters: Rewind, Michael Hubicka. Jake discusses with Michael about why the original series was great, along with the current state of the game. It’s time to split! Siren FM – The Cyber Den – Interview with Michael Hubicka (TimeSplitters: Rewind) by Sirenfmcyberden on Mixcloud […] Download (Duration: 20:29 — 18.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSRoss has got a bit of advice for keeping a relationship alive. Someone calls in and let’s him speak to his girlfriend. What a mistake! Also, do you fancy asking questions to our candidates for the EU elections? Find out how in this podcast.

Peter Smith is joined in the Siren studio by 3rd year undergraduate in English and Journalism, Rosie Kelly, and Masters in Journalism student, Adam Toyne – to discuss what is making the headlines, and why. Originally broadcast at 10am on Friday 4th April 2014. Behind the Headlines with Peter Smith 4 April 2014 by Sirenfmed […] Download (Duration: 27:09 — 24.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSWe heard from Daniel Walton this week. He’s a comedian that was on one of the first ever shows Ross did on Siren and now he’s going on tour with John Bishop… As you do! Also, can calling your mum ever be a bad thing? Plus, Ross […]

The first Midweek Drive of April 2014 launches with Cameron Tilbury in Nashville, Anna Lewis in Jersey and Arthur Weingarten in upstate New York joining Alex Lewczuk, Gabriella Peralta and James Cason in Lincoln. Another premier Matt Monro selection from daughter Michele leads Alex, Gabriella& James to the Radio Academy Nominated world of Camilla Byk […]

Jake Parr brings you your weekly dose of tech and games – on Siren 107.3 Siren FM – The Cyber Den (02.04.2014) by Sirenfmcyberden on Mixcloud Download (Duration: 2:22 — 2.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAlex Biddle and Kellie Pyart with the latest for Lincoln. This evening’s NEWS update includes: How you can save money by paying for car parking using your mobile phone. A new service is launched to help people stay independent in their own homes. A children’s art display […]

Peter Smith is joined by Richard Keeble and Lana Elway to discuss what is making it into the newspapers, and why. Click below to listen to the show again. Behind the Headlines with Peter Smith 28 March 2014 by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud Download (Duration: 30:41 — 28.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSRoss has finally become a man. He goes into every detail on air.. Also, he might have invented a new style of budget dating but it seems the ladies aren’t so keen. Plus we hear from Dan and Molly for the last time for four weeks!!