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Author: Ed Wellman

Page: 37 Download (Duration: 2:14 — 2.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSCouncillor Ric Metcalfe, Leader, City of Lincoln Council explains to Siren FM’s Ed Wellman why an additional grant of £80,000 has been awarded for the restoration of Lincoln’s historic Newport Arch.

Gabriella Peralta, Katie Grimason , Rachel Warren & Alex Lewczuk launch the show with the question of candle parties with Eve Thomas before Richard Fitzwilliams focusses on Jack Ryan, Afghanistan and fashion. Writer Ian Lennox provides some key info on accessing his latest texts before Minty Steade talks `Toffee `the guide-terrier and looks ahead to […]

Cameron Tilbury fantasises about football & promotes Lesley Curtis whilst Alex Lewczuk names one of his funeral tunes, Emily Rose perfects the last two questions & Gabriella Peralta explores Berlin & Gibraltar with Liz Brewer. Gabriella, Emily & Alex review the latest musical choice from Melanie Crouch before connecting with executive Sarah Chase who […] Download (Duration: 6:11 — 5.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSSiren FM’s Ben Pickard chats to Holly Mason from the National Blood Service. Learn how you can be a lifesaver in 2014. Download (Duration: 20:08 — 18.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSWith Head of Marketing Amelia Highfield and Chloe Middleton joining Alex Lewczuk, Katie Grimason & Gabriella Peralta as they connect with bespoke candle designer Eve Thomas and Jive Pony Founder Rebecca Townsend to look ahead to just some of the amazing forthcoming attractions at the 130th Lincolnshire […] Download (Duration: 44:25 — 40.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSOn the first ever Ross Garrigan Replay, hear aspiring comedian Dan Walton fall into the trap of letting Ross choose the jokes for his first ever TV set. We also hear from radio legend Rob Persani, Dan and Molly tell us some of the headlines you may […] Download (Duration: 1:10:40 — 64.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSA splendid Morning Edition with Amelia Highfield , Chloe Middleton, Katie Grimason, Ed Wellman and Alex Lewczuk connecting with writer Ian Lennox, BBC Broadcaster Tim Gillett and more. An intriguing conclusion to the show with Ed, Katie, & Alex in conversation with William Sitwell and Melanie Crouch […] Download (Duration: 1:35:34 — 87.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSA fine Maplestar selection followed by the return of Notes from a very small Island serve as the intro for another Midweek Drive with Alex Lewczuk, Literary Agent and Lincoln Inspired Patron John Jarrold, Holly Cox and Gabriella Peralta Alex has a classic case of comedian website […] Download (Duration: 4:44 — 4.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThe Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Appeal has won the support of a Lincolnshire based donor who has given the Trust over three quarters of a million pounds towards the construction of the planned Memorial, The Spire of Names. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has helped […] Download (Duration: 9:20 — 8.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSBut what are they? Siren FM’s Managing Editor, Andrew David has been finding out what it is that there are only 20 left of in Lincoln. Across the UK there are now only 12,000 and our use of them has dropped a further 12 per cent in […]