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The Harrogate Spring Flower Show,Batteries, Craig Charles, Marina Sirtis, Robin Pierce and Spectres method acting

Abigayle Lemay`s final Midweek drive for the foreseeable future launches with NEHS Flower Show Director Nick Smith followed by the bagpipe playing heroics of writer William Coles, Climate protests with Anna Lewis, Maigret and Murder She wrote Producer Arthur Weingarten, legendary Star Trek Actress and Tottenham supporter Marina Sirtis, Starburst Lead writer Robin Pierce and […]

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Inspired on Air April 2019

Commencing with a Rory McGowan/ Emma Street review of the Lincoln New Theatre Royal Easter Pantomine and moving into the work of Komposit with Jo Freya and Chelsea Buckthorp followed by Sam from the RSPCA with a heartfelt canine adoption story, Chloey Rose and Alex Lewczuk present the latest IOA episode.

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Countryside Lincs 2019

In which Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk experience the awesome world of Countryside Lincs 2019 at the Lincolnshire Showground. Featuring Jane Hague, Lizzie Owens ( Ladies in Pigs ) Red Hill Farm, Lime Tree Pantry Foods, Mr Hudal, Heckington Windmill, Heritage Lincolnshire, Viking Leatherworkers, Authentic pottery makers and balladeers, Louth Tractors, The Sheep Show, East […]

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Sci-Fi Scarborough 2019 A Midweek Drive on location report

In which Elouise Sheehan, Emily Hartley and Alex Lewczuk investigate the 6th awesome Sci-Fi Scarborough event and produce an epic collection of audio nuggets.


Author: Ryan Jones

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Christopher Bamford and Callum Anston discuss censorship with guest Andrew David, Managing Editor of Siren Fm. ION Media on Siren FM: Episode 2 – 16th November 2016

Molly Carter and Joshua Brown bring you all the best tips of student life in Lincoln. Sauce on Siren: Episode 2 – 16th November 2016

Christopher Clarkson and Harriet Gruender bring you coverage of Remembrance Sunday on Siren FM. With poems from servicemen and women who served on the frontlines, as well as input from academics from the University of Lincoln’s English Department.  

On the 11th of November the Armistice ending the first world war was signed and announced. To commemorate the event Simply Jazz featured music from the three services of the Armed Services: Navy, Army, Air force. Exclusive interviews with Captain Ian Davis, director of music of the band of the royal marines Portsmouth. Lieutenant Colonel […]

The 2016 US Presidential Election draws to a close on Siren FM with our special results show. Andrew David is joined by his co-host, Bruce K. Rosenblum, in LA. In the studio we have Kai Valentine, Maisie Anderson, Katie Dorr, and Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader of History and Heritage, Dr. Finn Pollard. Guests from […]

Charlotte Buono and Nick Bilcliffe bring you all the latest on non-mainstream music. Sauce on Siren: Episode 1 – 2nd November 2016

Chloe Abraham and Jack Jolly bring you a special Halloween themed edition of ION Nedia on Siren FM. ION Media on Siren FM: Episode 1 – 2nd November 2016

Siren FM’s coverage of the 2016 US Presidential Election continues.

Join tom Stevens every Tuesday from 12pm until 1pm for Siren Simply Jazz only on Siren FM and online. Relax with your lunchtime jazz as Tom plays the very best of past and present jazz and swing with the melodies from the golden age of the Big Bands. On the show was new releases and […]

Siren FM’s coverage of the 2016 US Presidential Election continues.