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Day: 19th November 2015

Sally Mundy from The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society discusses the fantastic upcoming Food and Gift fair with Emma Tinson, Jessica Ward, Claire Margerison and Alex Lewczuk following the adventures of Gabriella Peralta`s dog in Gibraltar and linking the latest movie news and thoughts of Richard Fitzwilliams and Tyneside writer Ian Lennox

The Cyber Den – 18th November 2015 by Jake The Voice on Mixcloud Jake and Aston are once again with the weekly, two-hour discussion on the latest news in the world of video games. They’ll be covering the latest game releases, answers to the previous Question of the Week from their wonderful listeners, the Strange […]

Julie Ellerby, Dominic Symonds, Charlotte Fage and Tom Watson discuss Peter Pan and more with Alex Lewczuk, Claire Margerison and Michael Blackburn in a Lincoln Performing Arts Centre Inspired Special with additional input from Andy Cook at Renaissance One.

Siren Managing Editor Andrew David shares his West Wing Experiences and provides advice for TMS newbie Tessa Snart after which Arthur Weingarten reveals his unexpected 2001: a Space Odyssey tale and Claire Margerison, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk welcome Director/Mentor Phil Leirness back to the programme