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Lincolnshire Children’s University Download (Duration: 14:54 — 13.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThe Lincolnshire Children’s University was launched at 5pm on Friday 24 October, and Siren FM was there. The new university rewards young people for taking part in extra-curricular activities. And, graduation will include a full ceremony and gown. Various schools and venues in the area will offer classes…

Richard Horatio Blair, adopted son of George Orwell in conversation witn Zara Healy

Click above for another chance to hear a programme that we broadcast on Father’s Day, in which Richard Horatio Blair, the adopted son of author George Orwell, share his memories of his father with Siren FM’s Zara Healy.

Where is Posterngate in Lincoln? Download (Duration: 2:45 — 2.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSSiren FM’s Sebastian Edgington-Cole has been digging into some hidden local history. Fifteen feet beneath the hustle and bustle of everyday Lincoln lies a hidden vault – and a gateway to the city’s long-forgotten past. Once a busy entrance to the ancient Roman city, Posterngate is now…

Messy Handwriting? Bad Spelling? But what do we really know about Dyslexia?

But what do we really know about Dyslexia?

Siren FM’s Gemma Benefer and Hannah Butcher have been finding out what it is, and how the many challenges can be overcome.

Inspiring words from many people means this is a must listen-to documentary.

Click the button to listen.

The Design Learning Network at the University of Lincoln Download (Duration: 33:36 — 30.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSFollowing a ground breaking event at the University of Lincoln involving designers and educators in Lincoln and Chicago at the end of August this year, Andrew David met the inspiration behind the event, Doris Wells- Papanek via a Skype link to Chicago, together with Professor Anne Chick…