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Listen again to City Vibe on siren FM. Presented by Holly and Lauren. This week the team discuss Lincoln City, a well-known store is closing on the High Street, not for profit money lending, and St. Patrick’s Day.

Listen again to the Young Journalist Academy on Siren FM. First Broadcast on 17th March 2017.

Listen again to Sue Hill’s Classic Rock Show on Siren FM. First broadcast 16th March 2017.

Join Bhavesh Bhanwanji for Lincolnomics, Siren FM’s financial programme discussing Lincolnshire as an economy.

Join ION Media for the last show of the year on Siren FM which was presented and produced by students of the Lincoln School of Film and Media.

In the second episode of Suite Sounds Zack and Max bring the best soundtracks to Siren FM.

Join tom Cairns and the rest of the team for Formula Tom on Siren FM. First broadcast on 14th February 2017.

Join Andrew David and Bruce K. Rosenblum for American Cousins on Siren FM.

Join Tom Stevens for a very special edition of Simply Jazz: Vera Lynn’s 100th birthday.

Lucia Coxon presents Eclectic Pulse on Siren FM. First broadcast on 8th March 2017.