Back to the 90s – Dave and Ken are with you every Sunday (as that’s about all you’ll be able to stand) to take you through the memories of the 90s.

Email us your requests and 90s music confessions, you know what I mean….Those tracks you thought you’d forgotten about, but still love.

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Especially if it is about a good Kebab/Pizza Shop or a Cafe

Back to The 90s – Listen Again!

It’s summertime in the Back to The 90s Studios. Dave talks about wedding buffet etiquette and Ken has run out of cider. In among the chatter is some amazing music, from the decade everyone loved. Listen below. Back to The 90s Show 14 by Back290s_Sirenfm on Mixcloud Back to The 90s Show 15 by Back290s_Sirenfm…

Back To The 90s – 14th June

Dave is back after his medical complaint and Ken wishes that he didn’t know what it was and indeed is! Dave is now on a diet and describes the torture of being surrounded by food at the recent Madness gig. Ken, on the other hand, is having difficulty with his new mobile phone. It seems…

Back To The 90s – May 17th

Tonight we explore what event in the 90s triggered Dave’s love of Kebabs and Ken makes a serious point.

All that and a great album of the week, some amazing music and the latest update from the Nightlife Dance Music Chart of 1991.

Listen Below

Back to The 90s Show 12 by Back290s_Sirenfm on Mixcloud

Back To The 90s – 12th April

This week Ken describes the events in Whitlow and Dave reminisces about the time he disrupted the idyllic peace of a village with his Estelle (Skoda 105s of the orange variety) Antman has a great club classic and the music is just sublime. Listen Below. (That is an order!) Back to The 90s Show 10…