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Back to the 90s

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Ken and Dave navigate you once more through the music of the 90s, in their new extended slot. Back to 90s Show 5 by Back290s_Sirenfm on Mixcloud

90s veterans, Dave and Ken, are back! Now in 2015, they still can’t accept the 90s are over. Tune in for more great music and fast cars….well more about Estelle of the Skoda variety! Listen below and check the podcasts for the Top 25 Singles of the 90s. Back to 90s Show 4 by Back290s_Sirenfm […]

Show 2 of Back to The 90s from 30th November!! Don’t forget email your 90s requests to with “Back To The 90s” in the subject field…. Thanks…. Back To the 90s Show 2 by Back290s_Sirenfm on Mixcloud

The 1st Show from Dave and Ken with their 90s extravaganza. For requests please email with “Back to 90s” the subject field. Click on the Show title (below) to listen again. Back To The 90s Show 1 by Back290s_Sirenfm on Mixcloud