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Connected #10 – Instagram glasses and the FIFA 13 boardgame

This week, Connected gets Christmassy. We introduce you to the Christmas album that’s missing from your collection that somehow combines a popular video game with the holidays – Pokemon Christmas Bash!

Also, Jon and Darren attempt to cash in on the season with pitching our own ideas to turn popular games and apps into physical toys for the holidays – making Instagram glasses and a boardgame version of FIFA 13.

As ever, there’s the top geek news stories from the last 7 days, the latest releases, and a selection of game music suited for the season…

You can catch up with the show in full here, find out what we played with the tracklisting – or watch our two bonus videos of our pitches for Christmas toys!

Connected #9 – 40 years of Pong and introducing the WiiU

Gaming, gadgets, science, tech and more: this week, it’s the start of a new gaming generation with the WiiU! There’s a live unboxing on the show and we ask what launch week sales tell us about the life of a console. Plus with the new we also celebrate the old – it’s 40 years of PONG. So why not choose your own adventure… with it? Plus, the latest gaming and tech headlines from the last seven days – and the best music from the last 2 months of the show so far.

Connected #8 – Midnight game launches and Instagram-themed Kickstarters

Gaming, gadgets, science, tech and more: this week, we get prepared for the midnight launch of the WiiU with good (and bad) advice, answer the questions bugging the internet and take on round two of our crowdfunding game ‘Kickstart or Kickstop’ in a special Instagram edition. Plus, Black Friday, the latest gaming and tech headlines from the last seven days…. and a joke about sports!!!

Connected #6 – What’s inside the Curiosity cube?

Gaming, gadgets, science, tech and more with Jon Cresswell and Darren Cooke. This week, it’s part two of our interview with the man behind the Greatest Video Game Music 2 album, we look at an alternative history of the world according to video games, try to find out what’s inside the cube in the new game/art/experiment/something “Curiosity”, plus the music of Persona 4.

You can listen again to this show again here, watch a video of Darren taking on our own homemade prototype of Curiosity and hear the full interview with Andrew Skeet.

Connected #5 – Orchestrated game music, Halo 4 and Typing Karaoke

Connected is the home of all things geeky, gaming and gadgety on Siren FM – every Friday from 1-3pm, with Jon Cresswell and Darren Cooke. This week: hands on with Halo 4 at the MCM Expo, celebrating the music of Wind Waker, play a round of typing karaoke and have a chat with Andrew Skeet, the man behind the ‘Greatest Video Game Music’ albums. Plus there’s your roundup of the Week in Geek, what’s in stores now, some great music and more.

Connected #2 – Kickstarter, Pokemon and the sound of Vice City

Connected is a new show celebrating everything gaming, gadgets and geeky – from Hitmonlee to HTML. This week, we bring you the ‘Week in Geek’ news stories with the latest headlines and releases, try out the new Pokemon game and play our new Kickstarter game – as well as listen to the hits of Vice City.

You can listen to best bits of the show, find out more about what we’ve been talking about and get the full tracklisting here.

Connected #1 – Eurogamer Expo and a slice of Raspberry Pi

Hello and welcome to Connected on Siren FM! Jon Cresswell here, and every week I’ll be joined by Darren Cooke to go through all things fun. Here on the website we’ll be posting our best bits, links to stories we chat about and a little bit more. Here we go then…

On episode 1, we’re chatting about the latest episodes of Doctor Who and new Red Dwarf, looked back over the highlights of the Eurogamer Expo, spoke to the man behind the Raspberry Pi, looked at the tech and gaming headlines of the week with a bit of an eclectic soundtrack with the music of Sonic the Hedgehog.