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Page: 5 Download (Duration: 39:37 — 27.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we visit the post-war suburb of Ermine West where we tear up over missing bunnies and lost teddy bears, and Jonny reveals his own painful search for his lost “Teddy Lee Haw”. Meanwhile, we talk to local priest Father Stephen Hoy about whether the area […] Download (Duration: 38:06 — 26.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we find ourselves in possibly the most featureless grid square yet – Riseholme Park.  Tantalisingly out of reach is the beating heart of Lincolnshire agricultural industry, Riseholme College – but we have to make do with a lake and some sheep.  Thankfully Jo Hughes comes […] Download (Duration: 40:35 — 27.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we don rubber gloves and hard hats to bust a few myths at the Canwick Sewage Works on Washingborough Road where we discover the little miracle that happens each time you flush the toilet.  We also reveal which 1970s glam rock star eats child portions […] Download (Duration: 45:14 — 31.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we visit the exclusive and expensive hamlet (NOT village!) of Burton By Lincoln where Paul forgets his left-wing credentials and “goes all gooey” over the executive homes with their sweeping driveways and manicured gardens, while Jonny grumbles about the lack of a pub and extols the […] Download (Duration: 32:41 — 22.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSIn this programme, we wheeze our way up Cross O’Cliff Hill on our bikes to the village of Bracebridge Heath where we visit the old St Johns Hospital site.  Once home to thousands of psychiatric patients and staff, the spooky abandoned buildings now attract intrepid photographers eager […] Download (Duration: 39:03 — 26.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we visit Monks Road, starting at the beautiful Arboretum and ending on the industrial Spa Road.  We consider the impact immigration has had on the area and find out what life on Monks Road was like during the Second World War.  Meanwhile, Paul rues not […] Download (Duration: 40:19 — 27.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we visit Birchwood where we ponder the preponderance of churches in the grid, admire the graffiti, and Jonny reveals how he and his family invented Channel 4 property shows. We also discover the proud aviation past of the Birchwood area and the role it played […] Download (Duration: 37:40 — 25.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we find ourselves in the grim environs of the Tritton Road retail park district of Lincoln, specifically the Valentine Road area around Next, Asda Home and The Range.  But, after a depressing walk around the retail sheds and car parks, we find a shining light […] Download (Duration: 39:44 — 27.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAfter a painful attempt to cycle up Lindum Hill, we find ourselves amongst the “Young Professionals” of the new-build Carlton Boulevard area and The Carlton Centre. Here, we find out about the mining past of the area, Jonny rails against “Drive Thru’s”, and we decide to risk […] Download (Duration: 41:00 — 28.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we venture into the city centre where a walk past the Social Security office on the corner of Orchard Street and West Parade leads us to muse over whether it is Lincoln’s Ugliest Building  We also hear tales of Dr Who fanatics and ghosts from […]