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Midweek Drive

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President and CEO of the Los Angeles Master Chorale Jean Davidson makes her programme debut and shares her passion for quality artistic endeavours with Alex Lewczuk, Fiona Williams, Claire Margerison, Tessa Snart, Emily Jones and Mary Dansie before the team re-connect with Starburst lead writer Ed Fortune and premier LA Film Director Phil Leirness.

Founder of `The Wonder Stuff` Miles Hunt chats about the band`s awesome 30th anniversary tour after which ace songstress Brianna Tyson makes her show debut from Nashville and shares her terrific music with the team before Phil Leirness reflects on feline hairstyles and `80`s music.

February`s premier audio missive from Annette Andre leads Mary Dansie, Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison, Fiona Williams, Emily Jones, Tessa Snart and Alex Lewczuk to the magic of Musical Youth and Trevor T followed by some intriguing celebrity thoughts from Phil Leirness.

Emma Tinson, Tessa Snart, Mary Dansie, Fiona Williams and Alex Lewczuk connect with Nashville`s very own Cameron Tilbury and Jersey`s Anna Lewis before Strictly legend Brendan Cole provides some key info about his current Nationwide tour.

Kirsty Churchill brings her own Surrey songstress style to the show and compares notes with Emma Tinson. Fiona Williams connects with Edinburgh resident and ace writer William Coles ; Mary Dansie discusses SF with Phil Leirness and Tessa Snart finds out more about Game of Thrones with SFX Editor Richard Edwards.

Editor of Gearhearts Steampunk Review Patricia Ash , Emma Tinson, Claire Margerison and Alex Lewczuk go from Nashville to Birmingham with Cameron Tilbury, Bluegrass and the legendary Vix from Fuzzbox & Vix and the Mischiefs in the first Feb Midweek Drive of 2016

More great news from co-founder of native Voices at the Autry Randy Reinholz who discusses his recent time at the Sundance Film Festival with Claire Margerison, Emma Tinson and Patricia Ash before Actress/Songstress Carolina Hoyos makes a welcome return to the programme and Director Phil Leirness reflects on the episode`s content.

Another fascinating Annette Andre audio missive sets the scene for a deep thinking hour which continues with inspirational writer Mike Dooley and Director Phil Leirness continuing the theme. Read more about David Fox, the magician and his Siren FM experience at

The Midweek Drive Bowie celebration continues with Sequential Art Editor for Starburst magazine Ed Fortune, ace singer Gary Curtis and Director Phil Leirness sharing their Bowie thoughts with Katie Dorr, Claire Margerison, Emma Tinson and Alex Lewczuk.

Professor Jason Whittaker returns to the programme and brings a William Blake aspect to Nashville, Lincoln and Jersey with Cameron Tilbury, Andrew Walker and Anna Lewis. Meanwhile Alex Lewczuk presents the midweek drivettes , Emma Tinson, Eva Macdonald, Claire Margerison and Tessa Snart with their 2016 Official calendars