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The last Midweek Drive for August 2015 sees the debut of Professor Jason Whittaker ( Head of the School of English & Journalism at the University of Lincoln ) and encompasses the legacy of William Blake with the thoughts of Cameron Tilbury, Anna Lewis, Kristy Bond, Eva Macdonald and Alex Lewczuk coupled with another fascinating […]

Executive Producer of the upcoming Star Trek Equinox pilot, Eric Nyenhuis, makes his programme debut and reflects on staying true to the show`s origins whilst looking ahead to THE CONEY ISLAND event of 2015 with the original cast of `The Warriors`. Dr Paul Marsden then discusses the psychology of complaining before Alex , Kristy and […]

The first Midweek Drive of Aug 2015 features tributes from Cameron Tilbury and Liz Brewer to the late singing legends Lynn Anderson and Cilla Black interspersed with thought on the Battle of the Flowers in Jersey with Anna Lewis, Premier Chef Peter Sidwell from Cumbria and ace crime writer Arthur McKenzie`s unique life perspectives […]

Eva Macdonald joins Katie Dorr and Alex Lewczuk for the first Midweek Drive programme of July 2015 which goes from Nashville with Cameron Tilbury to officially opening Anna`s Jersey Wonders and discussing the future of space exploration with Colin Philp ( original TX for `The Midweek Drive` on Wed July 1st 2015 )

Dr Muzna Rahman joins Alex Lewczuk for a show which launches with Cameron Tilbury in Nashville before Richard Fitzwilliams considers Richard Linklater`s latest movie and more. Anna Lewis presents another update from her researches in Jersey before Michele Monro introduces Muzna Rahman to the music of her Father Matt Monro and Melanie Gow further explores […]

TMD and Southside newbie Kathryn Brunskill connects with Cameron Tilbury in Nashville before Alex Lewczuk dives headlong into the magical touring world of Angelina Ballerina. CEO of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society Nigel Pulling looks forward to next week’s Harrogate Happening and Deputy Editor of SFX magazine Richard Edwards discusses his views on the joys of […]

The last Midweek Drive of June 2013 launches with Cameron Tilbury introducing another top musical artiste, Gill Hart announcing the nominations for the show`s contributor of the year,premier Producer/Writer Arthur Weingarten waxing nostalgically over TV history and a fascinating `believe it or not` audio missive from Annette Andre. Renaissance woman and former First Lady of […]

Cameron Tilbury welcomes Katie Grimason back to the show with another top musical choice after which Alex Lewczuk connects with the founder of Caroline Hardingham-Mentzner. Natalie Tuck shares graduate and traveller`s tales with Katie Grimason and Alex ahead of another Michele Monro Matt Monro moment and reflections on the tremendous success of Andercon 2014 […]

Another Midweek Drive launches with Cameron Tilbury in Nashville joining Alex Lewczuk, Rachel Warren and Holly Parker sorting out the Canadina Geography and Jersey connections with Anna Lewis. Ace Writer/Director of Bunker 6 Greg Jackson joins the show from Halifax Nova Scotia and introduces Holly, Alex and Rachel to a whole new SF world of […]