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It was a drought last week, butĀ I’m typing as the rain tips down… we’ll still end up having a hosepipe ban…. šŸ™ A huge big thank you to my guests and contributors over the last few weeks: Zoe Easy from Epixmedia; Simon Hollingworth atĀ The Drill Hall; Mark Thomas, Comedian and Activist; Shan & Richard from […]

Welcome to the webpage for Lincoln: Mind Your Business The show is aimed at people living and working in lincoln with a mind for business matters. Every week we have a round-up of news that might affect us here in Lincoln, whether its local, national or global. Our guests are peopleĀ dealing with everyday issues of […]

Hi Iā€™m Andy Deighton welcoming you to the ā€˜Lincoln: Minding Your Businessā€™ web page. I have lived and worked in Lincoln for most of my life. I left Lincoln Christs Hospital School & started as an apprentice Fitter at Ruston Bucyrus like the rest of my mates. The 1980ā€™s meant I was made redundant (like […]