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Page: 84 Download (Duration: 0:26 — 413.8KB)Subscribe: Android | RSSTwo new park and bike sites have been set up in Lincoln to encourage cyclists into the city centre. The project run by Lincolnshire County Council’s ACCESS LN6 team, wants commuters to park outside of the city and cycle in. Those wanting to use the site at […] Download (Duration: 0:20 — 310.2KB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDescribed as a silent-killer, Carbon Monoxide claims 40 lives a year in England and Wales but a campaign is looking to make having a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home, law. Listen to economist to Katie Faulkner about why this campaign is important above. To sign the […] Download (Duration: 0:20 — 311.8KB)Subscribe: Android | RSSFollowing pressure from fans and media alike, Gary Simpson says he is delighted about the win at the weekend against Telford. A penalty from Sean Newton and a second from striker Ben Tomlinson was enough for the Imps to secure all three points. Listen above to see […]

Professor Fred Frese talks about frontline research in schizophrenia, plus, The Hearing Voices Network in Lincolnshire contribute to the programme. Wishful Thinking – Siren FM – 10 October 2014 by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud

Jake and his handy sidekick Aston take a two-hour weekly look at the latest news in the world of video game and technology. News of the latest game releases, the answers to the previous Question of the Week from his wonderful listeners, the Strange Game(s) of the Week, fun facts, silly information about monkeys in […]

On this week’s Siren Sport with Chris Gray and Edward Seaman; – Lincoln’s defeat to Nuneaton at home and the game coming up with Southport – The highlights of the week including the Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger bustup – Manchester United climbing up the Premier League table – England’s match with San Marino and […] Download (Duration: 36:04 — 16.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we make our second visit to the village of Branston, and on the journey there we indulge in one of our favourite pass times: a pointless competition.  Paul wheezes his way up Canwick Hill on his bike while Jonny peers into people’s gardens from the […] Download (Duration: 20:39 — 18.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSOn Saturday night at 7pm, a message of peace was passed around the world. Starting, and ending in the village of Harmston, near Lincoln, and the idea of the village community, a series of phone calls formed a ring of communication as well as several ringlets that […]

Siren Lifestyle is back for a new series. This week, Craig Willey and regular co-presenter Del muse over the arrival of autumn, whether or not chocolate is good for you, and we hear sounds from the recent Lincoln Pride event. You’ll already be hearing the programme again by having clicked onto this page! Enjoy listening, […]

Lincoln Minster School’s Chamber Choir are heading for the capital to take part in finals to be National Choir of the Year. We’ve been to hear them rehearsing.