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Page: 88 Download (Duration: 4:08 — 3.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSOn Saturday June 7, St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice will be running their eighth Moonlight Sleepwalk. This year’s theme is “One Night in a Onesie”. John-Paul Dickie had a chat with Becky Otter, Events Fundraiser for the hospice, about the walk. Listen again by clicking above. Download (Duration: 45:38 — 20.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week Paul & Jonny take a trip down memory lane as they revisit their old alma mater, The City School.  Although the scuzzy old buildings they knew and loved have long gone under the swish new Priory City of Lincoln Academy, they are still beset with […]

Local musician and producer Lukas Aston joins the The Saturday Edition team with some of his tunes. The Saturday Edition – 17 May 2014 by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud Download (Duration: 37:09 — 17.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we head to Jerusalem – not THAT one, the one on the West side of Smelly Skelly, where we find the euphemistically named “rendering plant” which is responsible for Skellingthorpe’s notorious aroma and get spied on by old ladies.  We hit a nadir when, lacking […]

The Cyber Den is now two hours long. Enjoy an extra hour of technology, gadgets and games with Jake Parr, 11am-1pm on Siren 107.3 FM and on from June 4.

Another packed Midweek Drive edition launches with Alex Lewczuk, Nicky Wells, Rachel Warren, Gabriella Peralta and Holly Parker going from Nashville correspondent Cameron Tilbury to Anna Lewis in Jersey – launching the great onesie debate and welcoming ace musician Michael King who discusses his fantastic Billy Fury show. Open Farm Sunday manager Annabel Shackleton shares […]

Craig has joined Siren to bring you a couple of hours a week to help you feel well on the inside and outside. Here is a heads up for you. Craig will be finding out more about this great event in next week’s show. For now, though, here are a few details…. One night in […] Download (Duration: 4:45 — 4.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS The Children’s University (CU) is a Trust which is managed through a network of over 80 local Children’s Universities in England. Each university network is prepared and designed to be distinctive and aims to meet the local community’s needs. The children’s university trust has established a […] Download (Duration: 20:24 — 18.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first ever outside radio broadcast, Dylan Roys(Senior Lecturer in Radio and Sound) and David McSherry (Senior Lecturer in Audio Production) at the University of Lincoln’s School of Media, teamed up with local violinist Janet Welsh, Graham (one of Whisby […] Download (Duration: 6:59 — 6.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS People venturing down Lincoln High Street this afternoon were stopped by a one off event. A flash mob started around half past one to the sound of clapping and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Dozens of people of all ages started dancing in unison across the width of […]