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This week, you can listen again to ALL of The Ross Garrigan Drive by clicking below: Ross Garrigan Drivetime – Siren FM – May 1st 2014 by Sirenfmed on Mixcloud

The first in a mini-series of specials focussing on the amazing Lincoln Inspired Festival features Festival Founder Sara Bullimore, Festival Patrons Paul Money and Georgia Twynham, crime writer Linda Bennett and ace helpers Ed Wellman and Holly Parker as the countdown to the event continues! Download (Duration: 40:58 — 18.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we once again find ourselves in an empty field, but this time containing a very important feature not visible to the naked eye – the border between Lincoln City (home to trendy hipsters like Jonny) and NK (where they keep all the money).  We also […]

The last Midweek Drive for April 2014 takes Alex Lewczuk, Chloe Baker, Holly Parker, Gabriella Peralta, Fotini Efsthahiou, Producer Kristina and Director Laura from Nashville with Cameron Tilbury to the effervescent actress Sally Geeson over to Los Angeles and premier agent Kelly Duncan-Joiner Fotini, Gabriella, Holly, Chloe, Laura and Kristina encounter some Matt Monro magic […] Download (Duration: 23:21 — 21.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSSiren FM’s reporter Sebastian Edgington-Cole speaks to 3 members of the Workers’ Educational Association: Julie Leone -Tutor Organiser, Rachel Holland, an Artistry Tutor, and Rosie Turner, a student on that course. The WEA offers a variety of courses around the county for anyone aged 19 or older. […]

A JoLeah Tilbury classic launches the Midweek Drive debut of Holly Parker and the return of Chloe Baker before premier actress Annette Andre ( delivers her last letter from the East Coast before heading to the West Coast of the U.S.A. Another superlative contribution from ace author William Coles takes Alex, Holly and Chloe on […] Download (Duration: 38:39 — 17.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThis week we head to a grid where live changing events happen daily as it contains both the hospital and the prison.  We find ourselves contemplating childbirth outside the Maternity Wing, before heading to the Arboretum where Paul gets musical, and on to the prison where Jonny […] Download (Duration: 15:51 — 14.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSLincolnshire-born composer, Patrick Hawes talks to Siren FM’s Managing Editor, Andrew David about his new album ‘Angel’, his connections to the county, and being a 21st Century musician and composer of choral music.

Jake is back with more news from the world of tech. Listen again to the latest show here: Siren FM – The Cyber Den (16.04.2014) by Sirenfmcyberden on Mixcloud

Jake interviews the head developer of the upcoming fan-made free-to-play game TimeSplitters: Rewind, Michael Hubicka. Jake discusses with Michael about why the original series was great, along with the current state of the game. It’s time to split! Siren FM – The Cyber Den – Interview with Michael Hubicka (TimeSplitters: Rewind) by Sirenfmcyberden on Mixcloud […]