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Page: 97 Download (Duration: 6:11 — 5.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSSiren FM’s Ben Pickard chats to Holly Mason from the National Blood Service. Learn how you can be a lifesaver in 2014. Download (Duration: 44:25 — 40.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSOn the first ever Ross Garrigan Replay, hear aspiring comedian Dan Walton fall into the trap of letting Ross choose the jokes for his first ever TV set. We also hear from radio legend Rob Persani, Dan and Molly tell us some of the headlines you may […] Download (Duration: 1:10:40 — 64.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSA splendid Morning Edition with Amelia Highfield , Chloe Middleton, Katie Grimason, Ed Wellman and Alex Lewczuk connecting with writer Ian Lennox, BBC Broadcaster Tim Gillett and more. An intriguing conclusion to the show with Ed, Katie, & Alex in conversation with William Sitwell and Melanie Crouch […] Download (Duration: 1:35:34 — 87.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSA fine Maplestar selection followed by the return of Notes from a very small Island serve as the intro for another Midweek Drive with Alex Lewczuk, Literary Agent and Lincoln Inspired Patron John Jarrold, Holly Cox and Gabriella Peralta Alex has a classic case of comedian website […] Download (Duration: 9:20 — 8.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSBut what are they? Siren FM’s Managing Editor, Andrew David has been finding out what it is that there are only 20 left of in Lincoln. Across the UK there are now only 12,000 and our use of them has dropped a further 12 per cent in […] Download (Duration: 7:44 — 7.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSSiren FM’s Ben Pickard has been chatting to Steve Lockwood, Leisure, Sport and City Services Manager at City of Lincoln Council about The 2014 Lincoln 10k Race. Entries are capped at 1000, and with numbers already heading in that direction, now is the time to sign up. […] Download (Duration: 1:19:34 — 72.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSEve Tomas makes a splendid and inspiring telephonic debut as a new Welsh entrepreneurial correspondent before Richard Fitzwilliams chats with Alex Lewczuk re 3 fascinating movie narratives. Dr Damian Roland talks about his NHS Change day concept before author Ian Lennox shares his thoughts on Tusq featuring […] Download (Duration: 1:26:04 — 78.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAlex Lewczuk & Holly Cox share in some history making broadcasting with Cameron Tilbury and the official launch of the debut single from Tusq feat Sophie, before a tribute from regular contributor Annette Andre to the work and times of the actress and ABC Champions Animal […] Download (Duration: 44:25 — 40.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSIn the final show of the year Peter Smith is joined by Ed Wellman, to discuss the last year of news, finding out what has made the headlines, and why. We look at the death of Nelson Mandela and we talk spying and surveillance.

For the show’s 1 year birthday, we celebrated with a rap. So we’ve made it a music video for our finale. We’re sorry.