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Page: 12 Download (Duration: 0:20 — 310.2KB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDescribed as a silent-killer, Carbon Monoxide claims 40 lives a year in England and Wales but a campaign is looking to make having a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home, law. Listen to economist to Katie Faulkner about why this campaign is important above. To sign the […] Download (Duration: 13:04 — 12.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS On Friday 8th August the fire station on South Park Avenue in Lincoln will open its doors so that we can see how the team look after us. There will be displays and exhibitions to see, plenty to do for people of all ages, and representatives […] Download (Duration: 5:27 — 5.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSIf you’re a sporty person or want to become one, new opportunities are on the way after the City of Lincoln Council has received £250,000 in funding to support sport in the city. Siren FM’s Sebastian Edgington-Cole found out more about the funding. CLick the button above […] Download (Duration: 3:19 — 3.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDon’t be surprised if you see more cyclists around Lincoln soon, as it is increasingly becoming a chosen method of transport. Siren FM’s Nikhita Keshwara has looked into the rising local trend and what a local programme, Access LN6, is doing to get more people on their […] Download (Duration: 20:23 — 28.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Siren FM was at the Lincoln Festival today, organised by The University of Lincoln, the Lincoln Business Improvement Group, and supported by The Lincolnshire Echo and Lincs FM 102.2 Siren’s Sebastian Edgington-Cole caught up with the people taking part, and some of the people visiting. Click […] Download (Duration: 7:24 — 6.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSHome-Start Lincoln is a local charity that provides a unique service by supporting families and parents with young children in the city and surrounding villages. In their 30th year, they have set themselves the challenge of recruiting an additional 30 new volunteers to help the team to […] Download (Duration: 4:08 — 3.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSOn Saturday June 7, St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice will be running their eighth Moonlight Sleepwalk. This year’s theme is “One Night in a Onesie”. John-Paul Dickie had a chat with Becky Otter, Events Fundraiser for the hospice, about the walk. Listen again by clicking above. Download (Duration: 4:45 — 4.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS The Children’s University (CU) is a Trust which is managed through a network of over 80 local Children’s Universities in England. Each university network is prepared and designed to be distinctive and aims to meet the local community’s needs. The children’s university trust has established a […] Download (Duration: 20:24 — 18.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first ever outside radio broadcast, Dylan Roys(Senior Lecturer in Radio and Sound) and David McSherry (Senior Lecturer in Audio Production) at the University of Lincoln’s School of Media, teamed up with local violinist Janet Welsh, Graham (one of Whisby […] Download (Duration: 6:59 — 6.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS People venturing down Lincoln High Street this afternoon were stopped by a one off event. A flash mob started around half past one to the sound of clapping and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Dozens of people of all ages started dancing in unison across the width of […]