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The Golden Year

August has not one but two Golden year shows.  The usual slot, 1.00PM to 3.00PM on Friday 27th is 1970 part 2.  1970 had so much good music we thought it deserved two shows and the July show, Golden Year 1970 Part 1, is being repeated on Bank Holiday Monday, 3.00PM to 5.00PM.

The next Golden Year, scheduled for Friday 26th March 13.00 to 15.00 will be 1985. Ronald Reagan was sworn in as Presidents of the USA for his second term, Mike Tyson made his professional debut, Mikhail Gorbachev became leader of the USSR and there were football disasters with a stadium fire at Bradford and riots […]

If you tuned in to the show yesterday you will have heard Paul announce that the Golden Year for February will be 1975. Maggie Thatcher took over from Ted Heath as leader of the Conservative party, Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and inflation was 24.2%. The Bay City Rollers, 10cc, Status Quo and Queen were […]