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Listeners to Mondays show will have heard one of the most stupid stories I’ve ever had the joy of reporting, achieving a monumentally headache inducing level of stupidity. For those of you who missed it, the story was a tale of crime, punishment, animal cruelty and condiments. Full Story here thanks to the good folks […]

Welcome! The Siren Surgery has a new start time of 3pm Sunday until 5pm and will now be repeated on Tuesday after at 11am until 1pm – we’re exploring the start of the New Year, resolutions and the like. Later this month 23rd January – Health and fitness. Please get in touch via Facebook – […]

5th January 2011

Presenter Kathleen Drury went to Tickle Fish, the treatment everyone is talking about, to check it out for herself.  The strange new treatment taking over Lincoln is small fish called Garra Rufa Fish that nibble and suck at your feet to gently remove dead skin cells through natural exfoliation! Hear Kathleen’s reaction and experience on […]

10th November 2010

Topics – 1st Show 14th November – Finance, money and relationships, money worries. 2nd Show 28th Nov – Depression, seasonal depression, postnatal depression. 3rd Show 12th December – Phobias! Weird and wonderful! 4th Show 26th Dec – Addictions, smoking, drink and drugs. 5th Show 9th January – New years resolutions! EMAIL US YOUR QUESTIONS!

A new agony aunt (and uncle!) show for the community, brought to you with a twist! Presented by Kathleen Drury and Ed Hortop As well as covering topics such as depression, peer pressure, sexual health, financial problems and addiction, we will also be informing you of the alternative therapies that may be used to help with […]

Hello  listeners, New to Siren FM this month is Siren Music Sessions. Bringing you the very best in musical talent local, and not so local, to Lincoln. Behind the scenes producing Siren Music Sessions is Tom Morris, who for two years on Siren FM presented and produced The Blackout. Tom has a love of live music, especially […]

Two weeks ago Graham played an interview with local filmmakers from Sleaford who have just finished filming Shadows of a Stranger.  They filmed it in a barn in the middle of Lincolnshire using the latest blue screen technology.  The film, set at Christmas time is about a private detective David, whose last job takes a […]