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Hello  listeners, New to Siren FM this month is Siren Music Sessions. Bringing you the very best in musical talent local, and not so local, to Lincoln. Behind the scenes producing Siren Music Sessions is Tom Morris, who for two years on Siren FM presented and produced The Blackout. Tom has a love of live music, especially […]

Two weeks ago Graham played an interview with local filmmakers from Sleaford who have just finished filming Shadows of a Stranger.  They filmed it in a barn in the middle of Lincolnshire using the latest blue screen technology.  The film, set at Christmas time is about a private detective David, whose last job takes a […]

It is very hard to define what exactly Gav does in the studio every Monday and Tuesday, in fact its very hard to define what Gav does period. There are buttons pressed, there is music played and there is some talking (admittedly most of it incomprehensible gibberish) but, much like a monkey trying to trying to express the complete works of the Beatles in margarine sculptures, he tries!

Tune into Ten Tonnes of Pure Metal this Monday from 9pm where for the first time this academic year the whole team will be back in the studio! Charlie and Maz re-join James for a two hour set list full of pure Metal and Rock and they cannot wait! They’ll be blasting out brand new […]

24th September 2010

Afternoon and evening people, The man behind the best music (underground and surfaced) returns to the radio booth tonight.  He’s been off for 2 weeks and has collected a gargantuous amount of tunes to fill your ears, so be prepared for anything and everything under the genre sun…. Keep it foolish Mash up HQ x

If you like bottle hurlin’, head banging, guitar driven metal and rock, this is one show that will not fail to disappoint! Ten Tonnes of Pure Metal…the heaviest show on Siren FM is here to provide you with the heaviest tunes in Metal and Rock alongside the latest coverage of the hottest acts in the […]

Evening folk, The magic that is a grand taste in music returns to the airwaves tonight fresh faced and ready to deliver you tune after tune. With the best mash ups this side of the Northern Hemisphere be prepared to dial your ears to a speaker and enjoy! Ben Webb is back to give us […]