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MASH HIT OR MISS….The return tonight!

Each month Lincolnshire Police take an issue that may be affecting certain communities and feedback through an in depth interview with an expert from a relevant agency! It is a chance for that expert to explain why things are happening without getting cut short. It is also a chance for communities to hear from senior […]

In the beginning there was a Bowl of Cornflakes on Siren FM and it was good. (Music, fun and random chat). During summer 2008 it was so good it started at 8 and finished at 11. Then the world of Siren was rocked… A Bowl of Cornflakes host left and leaving only his fool of […]

The Sunday Evening Show with Jake Walker and David Milling. Picture this. Two blokes, one of whom is in their early 20s, cool and intelligent. The other is in his late 30s, cool in his own way and um…yeah. What could they possibly have in common? A bizarre love of vinyl. With the recent resurgence […]

Why not get ready for the weekend ahead by listening to The Early Breakfast Show with Andy Kirkland? Everything you need to keep you occupied in Lincoln is here, with the ‘What’s On Guide’ featuring the new cinema releases, DVD reviews, gigs, concerts, plays, festivals and everything else in between! We’ll have a look back […]

“Since I can remember an afro clad young man has always had an interest in music and not being confined by genre–typing i.e. the worst question in the world”, what kind of music are you interested in? So… here at Siren FM on a Thursday, feel a transcendental music experience via blagging, begging and borrowing […]

Heaven ‘til Eight is a blend of discussions, games and banter brought to you by Georgia and her co presenter Simon. With regular guests from undiscovered up and coming bands and the local roller derby team The Lincolnshire Bomber Roller Girls we aim to entertain whilst pushing boundaries of being a little bit cheeky! Come […]

With five working theatres in and around Lincoln there is a huge amount of quality entertainment on offer. But how do you decide what to see? Don’t worry, Graham King and his Arts Team bring you the very best of the entertainment scene live to your radio. Interviews with the stars, show reviews, full whats […]

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