IMG_9916Here at Siren FM we are always looking for volunteers to get involved. Whether it be working behind the scenes or hosting your own show, just pop in to the office or send us an email.

We’re looking forward to involving many more people from greater Lincoln in making Siren FM everything that you deserve – so we’re offering you some volunteering opportunities to really get to grips with making radio. We’re building a team of enthusiasts from all over Lincoln who’ll happily offer time in a variety of positions.

If you’re interested, whether working as a presenter, assistant, producing or working in any area of radio, let us know and we’ll try and sort something out. We’ll provide training, get you using our equipment and hopefully producing some original and amazing content for the airwaves in Lincoln.

And if you’re interested in pitching your own show – here’s how the process works. Get in touch about volunteering, we’ll show you round and tell you all about the station. We’ll show you how to use things, maybe team you up with people of similar interests/programmes, shadowing, practicing and creating on air content. Once you’re confident and going well, just ask for a formal show proposal form and we’ll take it from there…

Siren FM is your community radio station, so get involved!

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