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Representing Homelessness July 18th 2019

Three back to back interviews with media-makers Paul Atherton and Sabine Hellman followed by Professor Susan Phillips and facilitated by Emma Street and Alex Lewczuk on the first day of the British Academy Representing Homelessness conference at the University of Lincoln.

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Apollo 11, Courtney Cannon, Native Voices and the 2019 San Diego Comic Con

Robin Pierce , Fergus Jeffs, Emma Street, Eva Macdonald, Anna Lewis, William Coles and Alex Lewczuk connect with Virginia Based Courtney Cannon, Student Vet Zoe Jamison, Writer/Producer Arthur Weingarten, `Dr Trek` Larry Nemecek, Writers Samantha Lee Howe and David J Howe before wrapping up with some key reflections on Native Voices in the USA from […]

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Newark Book Festival 2019 Launch event

In which Emma Street and Alex Lewczuk encounter Sara Bullimore. Town Crier Steve, Lauren Wood, Zuska the greatest showgirl, the Robin Hood Theatre Company and Quids for Kids at the opening launch of the Newark Book Festival #Newarkbf

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Romantic writing, William Coles, Kimberly Stuart, Paul Zollo and Ezekial Bone

Emma Street, Fergus Jeffs and Alex Lewczuk launch the programme with William Coles before heading to Des Moines Iowa to discuss the awesome work of Kimberly Stuart after which Zoe Jameson reports from a mystery train station, Paul Zollo provides more music updates from Los Angeles, Robin Pierce critiques the programme from Wales , Ade […]


Newvolutions: The Passion Of Pedro Camacho

Written by on 24th January 2016

Photo: School of Fine and Performing Arts/University of Lincoln

Photo: School of Fine and Performing Arts/University of Lincoln

In a 1950s radio station, somewhere in Latin America, Pedro Camacho writes and directs a series of novelas – radio soap operas – that capture the mood of the times as well as Camacho’s own fascination with humanity.

Loosely based on the Mario Llosa novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, the piece explores the comedy and tragedy of Camacho and his regular cast of actors, as the stories gradually begin to reflect their own relationships in ways that are both surprising and life-affirming.

Performed live at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on Sunday, January 17th 2016 by students from the University of Lincoln’s School of Fine and Performing Arts.

You may want to be aware that some of the themes in this radio play are of a mildly adult nature, although there is no bad or foul language.