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The Mall Galleries and SciFi London 2019

In which Graeme Harper, Ben Lewis, Bethany Gulliver , Elouise Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk combine the second day of the annual Sci Fi London Film festival with encounters with Steve , festival Director Louis Savy and Producer/Actor John James in addition to connecting with premier film and art critic Richard Fitzwilliams at the Mall galleries […]

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Royal Radio – Inspired on Air May 15th 2019

Jasmine Foley and Ollie Rushdie welcome `The Devil`s Bride Director John Goodrum to the latest Royal Radio podcast before going into ` A Midsummer Night`s Dream` with Quantum Artistic Director Jessica Selous and discussing the longevity of Sooty, Sweep and Soo with Richard Cadell. With news of upcoming open auditions for Robin Hood, the James […]

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Pint of Science and Cannes Film Festivals

Psychologist Kay Ritchie discusses the upcoming Pint of Science festival in Lincoln whilst Composer Luke Corradine has some interesting thoughts on the Cannes Film Festival and more as Anna Lewis, Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Ben Lewis, William Coles, Graeme Harper, Larry Nemecek , Alex Lewczuk and Phil Leirness consider another range of topics combined with […]

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Schools in Gibraltar, `Styx`, `Avengers Endgame`, PANDAS, Jason Lewis and Mexican Cuisine

Gabriella Peralta, Ben Lewis, Emma Street, Richard Fitzwilliams, Ian Lennox, Annie Belasco, Jo Rayner, Abigayle Lemay, Jason Lewis, Tammie Stevens, William Sitwell, Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, Alex Lewczuk and Psychologist Jane Shaw provide insight and comment on issues from contemporary culture and lifestyles.


Sperm whales wash up on beaches in Lincolnshire

Written by on 25th January 2016

© Creative Commons. A sperm whale with its calf

© Creative Commons. A sperm whale with its calf


Five sperm whales have been washed up on British shores within the last few days, three of them near Skegness.

Since mid-January a dozen sperm whales have become stranded on beaches in the Netherlands and Germany.

Scientists are now investigating whether they all belonged to one group of young male whales, who entered the shallow North Sea. Usually sperm whales live in the deeper parts of the Atlantic where they hunt squid and fish.

Dr Andrew Brownlow of the Scottish Marine Stranding Scheme spoke about the stranded animals in the Netherlands. “Doing such a post mortem is not easy. The animals weigh 25 to 30 tonnes. You need quite heavy lifting machinery to even get into the carcasses to collect some samples.”

Nevertheless the examinations play a crucial role in research on the marine mammals because they help to give us important information on the whales’ condition, diet and possible reasons why so many washed up recently.

Listen here to the full interview with Dr Andrew Brownlow, who spoke to Siren News Reporter Julia Biermann, in which he reports on his investigations and why whales wash up.