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Kristina Rienzi, Kid Creole 2C2C, Dean Friedman and good songwriting

Tessa Snart, Fergus Jeffs, Kayleigh Carr, Emma Street and Alex Lewczuk showcase some of the fantastic work of writer Kristina Rienzi, and popular music legends August Darnell and Dean Friedman as well as focussing on Caribbean tourism, `Jump-ups` and Graduation with Sam Pidoux at Lincoln Cathedral, Robin Pierce in Wales and Phil Leirness in Los […]

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New Theatre Royal Lincoln September 2019

With news of comedy nights, some amazing music evenings, The Drifters and a featured interview with Doug Freeman from `Tommy The Album Live ` Natalie and Ollie provide another essential audio entertainment guide to what`s happening at the New Theatre Royal Lincoln.

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SPOILER Podcast: Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)“It goes on forever, six bloody minutes!” This week we’re watching Bryan Singer and Dexter Fletcher’s Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Not every member of the Spoiler team is a Queen fan and not everyone is a fan of this film either. While Rachael knows she’s being manipulated by the film but is happy to enjoy […]

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NEHS Autumn Flower Show, Kassandra Montag, Claire Harman, and Global Graduates

Steff Wright, Fergus Jeffs and Alex Lewczuk discuss giant vegetables with NEHS Show Director Nick Smith and William Coles before heading to Nebraska and ace author Kassandra Montag, looking ahead to the 2019 Lincoln Book Festival with Claire Harman, the Landrover Burghley Horse Trials with Zoe Jamison, before checking out Tessa Snart`s tune of the […]


Sperm whales wash up on beaches in Lincolnshire

Written by on 25th January 2016

© Creative Commons. A sperm whale with its calf

© Creative Commons. A sperm whale with its calf


Five sperm whales have been washed up on British shores within the last few days, three of them near Skegness.

Since mid-January a dozen sperm whales have become stranded on beaches in the Netherlands and Germany.

Scientists are now investigating whether they all belonged to one group of young male whales, who entered the shallow North Sea. Usually sperm whales live in the deeper parts of the Atlantic where they hunt squid and fish.

Dr Andrew Brownlow of the Scottish Marine Stranding Scheme spoke about the stranded animals in the Netherlands. “Doing such a post mortem is not easy. The animals weigh 25 to 30 tonnes. You need quite heavy lifting machinery to even get into the carcasses to collect some samples.”

Nevertheless the examinations play a crucial role in research on the marine mammals because they help to give us important information on the whales’ condition, diet and possible reasons why so many washed up recently.

Listen here to the full interview with Dr Andrew Brownlow, who spoke to Siren News Reporter Julia Biermann, in which he reports on his investigations and why whales wash up.