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The Lincolnshire Show 2019

In which Ben Lewis, Emma Street, Emily Hartley and Alex Lewczuk deal with sheep breeders David Inman and Jonathan Major, Chief Steward Alan Stennart and Trade and Sponsorship manager Sally Mundy, Sue Hawkmoon, Peter the Wood Turner, Photographer Anthony Moseley, CEO Jayne Southall, Balloon Artist Craig, Gourmet Scotch Egg man Lee, D + H Homemade […]

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The University of North Texas in London

Andrew David and a team of visiting students from the University of North Texas takeover the airwaves.

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Owls, The Eton Affair, Tessa Snart, Foam, Lettuce leaves and Dark Phoenix

Beth Gulliver`s final Midweek Drive before her global expedition begins features Anna Lewis in Kew Gardens, William Coles in Edinburgh, Melissa Wild on Tea, Fergus Jeffs on avoiding coffee, Tessa Snart commenting on Ed James` latest single, Alan Stevens discussing the latest `Celestial Toyroom`, Phil Hurdwood reprising his classic lettuce story , Robin Pierce discussing […]

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American Cousins June 2019 from his man-cave in LA, join Bruce K. Rosenblum our West Coast Correspondent and Siren’s Andrew David live in Lincoln for 58 minutes of incisive, exciting, edgy and fun filled chat ranging from President Trump to Prime Minister May and taking in MASH, NCIS LA, Mike Farrell and how to be inspiring amidst the […]


Theresa May is Set to become Prime Minister of the UK

Written by on 11th July 2016

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Theresa May MP

Theresa May is set to become the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister following the withdrawal of Andrea Leadsom from the Conservative Party Leadership challenge.

The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, will chair his final Cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning, followed by his final Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday at lunchtime. He will then travel to Buckingham Palace where he will inform the Queen he is resigning his position in the Government.

Following this – and subject to the 1922 Committee’s approval – Theresa May will be invited by the Queen to become the 13th Prime Minister of Elizabeth II’s reign.

Standing outside 10 Downing Street David Cameron said: “There will be a new prime minister by Wednesday evening”

Theresa May campaigned and voted to remain part of the European Union during the recent referendum, but has said since that as Prime Minister she will follow through the result of the public vote and negotiate Britain’s exit from the European Union. She has also said that she would not call an early general election, but wait until 2020 when the five year Parliamentary period has concluded.

Andrea Leadsom, the only other Conservative Party member who was left in the leadership race, campaigned for the UK to leave the EU and became a recognisable face over the referendum campaign debating alongside Boris Johnson during the BBC’s referendum debate in June.

During her speech where she announced she would be withdrawing from the leadership race she said that “a nine week leadership campaign is highly undesireable” and that “strong leadership is needed urgently to begin the work of withdrawing from the European Union.”

However during an interview with The Times newspaper she came under scrutiny for suggesting that she would make a better Prime Minister due to her being a monther suggesting being a mother meant she had “a very real stake” in the future of Britain.

She has since apologised to Theresa May who is not a mother: “I’ve already said to Theresa how very sorry I am for any hurt I have caused.”

The chair of the 1922 Committee (the Conservative Party¬†managing committee) Graham Brady said that: “I will consult with the Conservative board before formally confirming Theresa May as Leader.” He is expected to make a statement at around 17:00 later today.