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The Mall Galleries and SciFi London 2019

In which Graeme Harper, Ben Lewis, Bethany Gulliver , Elouise Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk combine the second day of the annual Sci Fi London Film festival with encounters with Steve , festival Director Louis Savy and Producer/Actor John James in addition to connecting with premier film and art critic Richard Fitzwilliams at the Mall galleries […]

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Royal Radio – Inspired on Air May 15th 2019

Jasmine Foley and Ollie Rushdie welcome `The Devil`s Bride Director John Goodrum to the latest Royal Radio podcast before going into ` A Midsummer Night`s Dream` with Quantum Artistic Director Jessica Selous and discussing the longevity of Sooty, Sweep and Soo with Richard Cadell. With news of upcoming open auditions for Robin Hood, the James […]

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Pint of Science and Cannes Film Festivals

Psychologist Kay Ritchie discusses the upcoming Pint of Science festival in Lincoln whilst Composer Luke Corradine has some interesting thoughts on the Cannes Film Festival and more as Anna Lewis, Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Ben Lewis, William Coles, Graeme Harper, Larry Nemecek , Alex Lewczuk and Phil Leirness consider another range of topics combined with […]

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Schools in Gibraltar, `Styx`, `Avengers Endgame`, PANDAS, Jason Lewis and Mexican Cuisine

Gabriella Peralta, Ben Lewis, Emma Street, Richard Fitzwilliams, Ian Lennox, Annie Belasco, Jo Rayner, Abigayle Lemay, Jason Lewis, Tammie Stevens, William Sitwell, Dr Daniel Mullensiefen, Alex Lewczuk and Psychologist Jane Shaw provide insight and comment on issues from contemporary culture and lifestyles.


Support people affected by cancer with Walk for Macmillan

Written by on 27th July 2016


Put your best foot forward and walk 5K through Lincoln to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support.

On Sunday, September 4 the city centre will host its first sponsored 5K walking event, organised by City Of Lincoln Council in association with the local Walking for Health Scheme.

The route will show off some of the city’s landmarks, including the Arboretum, the River Witham, Brayford Pool, the University of Lincoln, the Stonebow and finishing up Steep Hill to Lincoln Castle.

Fiona Roche, MacMillan Physical Activity Practitioner at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “I am delighted to be involved in the 5k walk with City of Lincoln Council in September. As part of our project ‘Get Active Feel Good Lincolnshire’ we provide support, motivation and information to anyone going through cancer to become active again.

“The majority of participants on the project start off by doing short walks. This can range from five minutes for some up to 30 minutes for others. It is very specific to the individual and their fitness levels. It will be great to have a goal to walk 5K as it will help to keep them focused.

“The walk finishes up Steep Hill, which I feel is very significant to me and our cancer survivors as the cancer journey is an uphill battle. They get so much support from family and friends so to be able to walk up that hill together is going to be very emotional for each and every one of them.

“I am looking forward to the day and will be so humbled and proud to see all our participants complete this walk.”

The walk is expected to take between one hour and 90 minutes to complete, and includes some steep inclines and steps. Alternative routes can be provided for wheelchair users and people with pushchairs.


Dean Reed, Health Walks Co-ordinator at the city council, said: “Whether you are recovering from cancer yourself or have been affected by cancer in some way, people are invited to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support so they can continue to help the 2.5 million people living with some form of cancer here in the UK.”

To find out more and to register for free go to The walk starts at 10am on Sunday, September 4 at the Arboretum. All entrants will receive a welcome pack with further information.