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Festival of Creativity, Scoot to the waterfront, SciFi London Film Festival and Lily Holleman

Bethany Gulliver, Ben Lewis and Alex Lewczuk welcome newbie drivettes Melissa Wild and Fergus Jeffs to the studio together with Scooter expert Dave Walker before heading over to Twickenham with Anna Lewis, Edinburgh with William Coles, San Diego with Arthur Weingarten, Sci-Fi London with Graeme Harper. Global adventures with Jason Lewis and Tammie Stevens then […]

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The Mall Galleries and SciFi London 2019

In which Graeme Harper, Ben Lewis, Bethany Gulliver , Elouise Sheehan and Alex Lewczuk combine the second day of the annual Sci Fi London Film festival with encounters with Steve , festival Director Louis Savy and Producer/Actor John James in addition to connecting with premier film and art critic Richard Fitzwilliams at the Mall galleries […]

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Royal Radio – Inspired on Air May 15th 2019

Jasmine Foley and Ollie Rushdie welcome `The Devil`s Bride Director John Goodrum to the latest Royal Radio podcast before going into ` A Midsummer Night`s Dream` with Quantum Artistic Director Jessica Selous and discussing the longevity of Sooty, Sweep and Soo with Richard Cadell. With news of upcoming open auditions for Robin Hood, the James […]

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Pint of Science and Cannes Film Festivals

Psychologist Kay Ritchie discusses the upcoming Pint of Science festival in Lincoln whilst Composer Luke Corradine has some interesting thoughts on the Cannes Film Festival and more as Anna Lewis, Elouise Sheehan, Beth Gulliver, Ben Lewis, William Coles, Graeme Harper, Larry Nemecek , Alex Lewczuk and Phil Leirness consider another range of topics combined with […]


Creepy killer clown craze starts to impact professional’s business

Written by on 11th October 2016

Stories of people dressed as scary clowns have been all over the media in the past few weeks. None have appeared in Lincoln yet, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t affected the local professional community.

The clowns have been terrorising innocent bystanders all over the UK and US. Some people have been taking a stand against the pranksters, but this craze still continues.

The whole stunt is seems to be big Halloween prank, but it is starting to impact those who perform as clowns professionally.

Peter Brown, is a professional performer, who goes by the alias of Pedro the Clown. He has been working

Pedro the Clown showing off his skills across Lincolnshire. Photo: Pedro the Clown

Pedro the Clown showing off his skills across Lincolnshire. Photo: Pedro the Clown

on the circuit for over 25 years, and is now seeing that his job is being threatened.

“It’s just no joke being a clown. Because of these dodgy pretend character around at the moment people’s attitudes are changing”

Peter said that: “It’s got to the point now where people come up to me and they ask me to move away because someone they’re with might be afraid of clowns.”

Thankfully for Peter his business in Lincoln hasn’t been impacted yet, but stories in the industry have been emerging.

“What other minority group could you say that to? You’d be in court straight away.”

Keep your eyes out in Lincoln. As we get closer to Halloween the clowns could arrive here too.

Check out the full interview with Peter/Pedro bellow.



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