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The 2020 Midweek Drive season launches with Alex Lewczuk, Beverley Spencer, Anna Lewis, William Coles, Tessa Snart, Zoe Jameson, Sarah Huntley, Abbie Lemay, Gwyneth Griffiths and Robin Pierce sharing their thoughts and life lessons in quirkiness


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New transport hub responsible for ‘fall in trade’ say Lincoln shop owners

Written by on 17th February 2017

Traders in Lincoln have blamed the building of the new transport hub for a fall in trade.

Shop owners on Sincil Street claim the construction of the £30m venture has seen footfall halve and sales decrease.

The existing bus station, behind Sincil Street closed at the end of August, with 800 parking spaces also being temporarily lost. 

The new transport hub, set to be complete in January 2018 will boast a new bus station and 1,000-space multi-storey car park.

However, Tina of Tina’s Cards says that 10 months may be too long to wait: “Takings are down by 70% and things aren’t improving at all. I don’t think we’ll be here to see the end of it [transport hub development]”.

Richard, Manager of D.A.S Electricals, who have traded in Lincoln since the 1970’s, has seen a dramatic effect the construction work has had on his takings: “Footfall has definitely been effected, passing trade of people coming in from out of town, most people are being diverted now. Saturday’s used to be a busy day, 50% of that has dropped off”.

Although, traders can see the benefit in the long run that the hub may have on the area, Stacey, Senior Sales Assistant of Chatterton & Sons said: “It needed doing, 100% but whether it needed doing all at once, they could of possibly got one thing done first, then gone onto the next. It will be better once it’s done, it’s just biding our time and waiting until it’s done.”

Meanwhile, City of Lincoln Council leader Ric Metcalfe has moved to reassure traders that business will pick up again, it’s just a matter of time: “I have terrific sympathy for traders in Sincil Street. We’ve given them all our support, and we will continue on doing that. All we can say is hang on in there.”