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The University of North Texas in London

Andrew David and a team of visiting students from the University of North Texas takeover the airwaves.

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Owls, The Eton Affair, Tessa Snart, Foam, Lettuce leaves and Dark Phoenix

Beth Gulliver`s final Midweek Drive before her global expedition begins features Anna Lewis in Kew Gardens, William Coles in Edinburgh, Melissa Wild on Tea, Fergus Jeffs on avoiding coffee, Tessa Snart commenting on Ed James` latest single, Alan Stevens discussing the latest `Celestial Toyroom`, Phil Hurdwood reprising his classic lettuce story , Robin Pierce discussing […]

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American Cousins June 2019 from his man-cave in LA, join Bruce K. Rosenblum our West Coast Correspondent and Siren’s Andrew David live in Lincoln for 58 minutes of incisive, exciting, edgy and fun filled chat ranging from President Trump to Prime Minister May and taking in MASH, NCIS LA, Mike Farrell and how to be inspiring amidst the […]

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Into the Guardian Top 20 for University of Lincoln Wilkinson, one of the University of Lincoln’s most senior members of staff, explains just why everyone’s so excited by the latest Guardian University Guide tables which has the University in the top 20.  He’s in conversation with Siren’s Andrew David


All Set for Summer?

Written by on 2nd August 2011

As the warmer weather prevails…. LMYB hots up!

We’ve had lots of things going on under the surface, and the most exciting is our first ‘Cloudcast’…

What’s a ‘Cloudcast’ I hear you say? Well, it’s the LMYB show available online for a week or so on your computer or smart phone – you don’t have to download it so it doesn’t take up any memory. This way, you can listen again, rewind & listen over & over (or the first time even…) at your convenience and get the juicy bits you might have missed before.. oh, and, er… we have to take the music out.

It’s a work in progress so please check it out and let me know how it suits you. I’m STILL working on getting it out as a podcast (downloadable file) and I’m also trying to commission a listen again slot(s) – so keep watching this space.

Click the link to hear this week’s show

LMYB listen again online

Or listen below.

So, now you can hear us as much as you like, we’re packing the show with even more quality guests and features.

Over the summer I have commandeered the services of George Patchett as my Production Assistant. George has been volunteering at Siren for nearly a year now since his school had had enough of him and sent him on a weeks placement. George looks after the technical stuff and gets involved with news and features as well as delivering our ‘Top Tips’ each week.

I’ll be joined by a host of regular contributors to share their knowledge, skills experiences on how business news affects us all.


Our show format runs a bit like this:

11:00 Global, National & Local business news with a special guest reviewer

11:30 Jobslot & Business features/analysis

12:00 News headlines, markets & weather

12:05 Weekly feature/survey & opinion

12:30 What’s On for your business & pleasure inc. your top tips

13:00 IRN News

All mixed together with some top tunes that we choose ‘especially for you’! (NOT the Kylie & Jason song…)

I try to keep the show lightly stirred up but LMYB is your show! Please let me know if you’d like more in-depth features, harder hitting interviews or more analysis.

As always you can now get in touch by:


Tweet: @LMYBsirenFM


During the show you can also email:  t: 01522 837337, or txt: 07797 800716