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The Lincolnshire Show 2019

In which Ben Lewis, Emma Street, Emily Hartley and Alex Lewczuk deal with sheep breeders David Inman and Jonathan Major, Chief Steward Alan Stennart and Trade and Sponsorship manager Sally Mundy, Sue Hawkmoon, Peter the Wood Turner, Photographer Anthony Moseley, CEO Jayne Southall, Balloon Artist Craig, Gourmet Scotch Egg man Lee, D + H Homemade […]

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The University of North Texas in London

Andrew David and a team of visiting students from the University of North Texas takeover the airwaves.

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Owls, The Eton Affair, Tessa Snart, Foam, Lettuce leaves and Dark Phoenix

Beth Gulliver`s final Midweek Drive before her global expedition begins features Anna Lewis in Kew Gardens, William Coles in Edinburgh, Melissa Wild on Tea, Fergus Jeffs on avoiding coffee, Tessa Snart commenting on Ed James` latest single, Alan Stevens discussing the latest `Celestial Toyroom`, Phil Hurdwood reprising his classic lettuce story , Robin Pierce discussing […]

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American Cousins June 2019 from his man-cave in LA, join Bruce K. Rosenblum our West Coast Correspondent and Siren’s Andrew David live in Lincoln for 58 minutes of incisive, exciting, edgy and fun filled chat ranging from President Trump to Prime Minister May and taking in MASH, NCIS LA, Mike Farrell and how to be inspiring amidst the […]


Food for Thought #1 – Thomas2, Jubilee food, lemon drizzle cake and oaty biscuits

Written by on 30th May 2012

Food for Thought #1 – Thomas2, Jubilee food, lemon drizzle cake and oaty biscuits

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Welcome to my new show for Siren which is all about food. I’m Charlotte and I may not be a trained chef but I have learnt how to make some really nice cakes. This show is all about finding out about the best places to eat and foods that Lincoln has to offer.

In the very first episode of Food for Thought I speak to Sarah Thomas, the owner of the Lincoln cafe Thomas 2. I also count the number of Jubilee themed food products that can be found on the shelves in honour of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.




Lemon Drizzle Cake
Oaty Biscuits

Interviews and features

For the first show ever of Food for Thought, I visited the café Thomas2 which is in St Swithin’s Square, Lincoln. I spoke to the owner Sarah Thomas about what is like to run her own café.

You can listen to the interview in full here:

In the run up to the Jubilee weekend, which celebrates 60 years of the Queen on the throne I went around my local supermarket to see how many food products are jubilee themed.

If you make any of the recipes from the show, just send me an email: charlotte @!