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Arthur Weingarten, Marc Watson, Angela Lewis Brown and Strictly

Elouise Sheehan. Eva Macdonald. Anna Lewis , Tessa Snart and Alex Lewczuk move from London to San Diego and Calgary with Marc Watson, focus on the music of Katee Kross and Angela Lewis Browne, discover a new part of Northamptonshire with Zoe Jameson, discuss dance with Strictly`s very own Kristina and welcome Phil Leirness, David […]


Emma Tinson, Charlie Capper, Laura Moncrief, The London Marathon, Kaldor City and Robin Pierce

Entertainment news, `Street Lights` , `How to Travel the World with only a Carry-On`, Jodie Whittaker`s Doctor Who ` and the weekly Most Valuable Contributor Award all form part of the menu with Alex Lewczuk , Zoe Jameson and Eva Macdonald`s latest Midweek Drive.


London, Edinburgh, Cornwall, Canada and Wales

The 2020 Midweek Drive season launches with Alex Lewczuk, Beverley Spencer, Anna Lewis, William Coles, Tessa Snart, Zoe Jameson, Sarah Huntley, Abbie Lemay, Gwyneth Griffiths and Robin Pierce sharing their thoughts and life lessons in quirkiness


Mobile phone contracts, `The Two Popes`, `Atlantics` and top Christmas music for pets

Gabriella Peralta, Rory McGowan, Emma Street, Andy Webb, Sue Douthwaite, Louise Glazebrook, Richard Fitzwilliams, Roisin Bulger, Alex Lewczuk and Joe Lee discuss movies, affordable art, favourite festive songs for pets, SME growth forecasts and saving money on mobile phones amongst many other topics in the latest Morning Edition of 2019.


Food for Thought #4 – Deeping Fudge, risotto, cookies and Lincoln’s continental market

Written by on 20th June 2012

Food for Thought #4 – Deeping Fudge, risotto, cookies and Lincoln’s continental market

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On this week’s show I speak to Les Green from Deeping Fudge, as well as find out what Lincoln’s continental market has to offer.


You can listen to the show here.





Interviews and features

I spoke to Les Green about his fudge company Deeping Fudge, and he explains how he comes up with some of the more inventive fudge flavours.

You can listen to the interview here.


Lincoln hosted the continental market last weekend and to find out more about it I spoke to Michael Armstrong, Lincoln BIG’s events and promotions manager.


If you missed the market then don’t worry listen to my audio description of what happened. Plus the market should return to Lincoln in October.