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Inspired on Air August 2019

The 2019 Lincoln Book festival is the key focus of the latest inspired on air programme with featured interviews with Baroness Sarah Hogg and Carnegie Medal winning Melvin Burgess taking centre stage in addition to a fabulous Westminster event being produced by Kerry Hopkins. A feature on award winning VFX specialist Laraib Atta completes another […]

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National Lottery Cinema celebrations, Danny Vaughn and Birthday Wishes for Dylan

Rory MacGowan returns to TMD with Fergus Jeffs , Alex Lewczuk, William Coles, Alex Zane and Zoe Jameson building to a feature in Spain with musician Danny Vaughn after which Producer Arthur Weingarten celebrates 35 years since the debut of `Murder She Wrote`. Larry Nemecek then shares his Star Trek San Diego Comic Con 2019 […]

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`Blinded by the light`, `Apocalypse Now`, The British Isles , Sleep Diets and Japan

Natasha Armstrong, Sam Biggs, Alex Lewczuk, Richard Fitzwilliams and Ian Lennox launch the latest Midweek Drive Morning edition which features returning souls Alice Teacake and Stephanie Romiszewski as well as Dr Ava Easton, Rugby legend John Bentley and PR expert Kerry Hopkins.

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Global Grad, Jenna Greene, Morrisey Marshall , Continental Cycling and poetry competitions

Natasha Armstrong makes a splendid Skype return to co-hosting midweek drivette duties and together with Chloey Rose, Emma Street, Fergus Jeffs and Alex Lewczuk welcome magician David Fox and Steff, Georgia and Ged Wright to the programme which moves from Lincoln to London to Croatia to Canada to Dublin to Belgium to Wales and Los […]


It’s Ladies Night on The Rock Train Extra Carriage

Written by on 12th July 2013

This week The Extra Carriage welcomes aboard a host of lovely ladies. The only chaps allowed on the show this week are Mark and Kev and some assorted hairy guitarist blokes.

We wanted to show that the term ‘female fronted band’ is silly. If the band is good, it doesn’t matter who fronts it, male or female. We wanted to show the incredible variety of music out there at the moment.

Skarlett Riot

Skarlett Riot

Over the past few weeks we have been visited by some fantastic bands. On this week’s show we feature acoustic sessions from Lincolnshire’s very own Skarlett Riot fronted by Skarlett who before long will be sharing very big stages at very big festivals. Watch this space.

Jo from Dirty Habit

Jo from Dirty Habit

We are also featuring the raunchy Dirty Habit whose songs have a number of meanings by are delivered in mesmerising style by Jo. Their acoustic session showed how a good song sounds good even when played stripped back acoustic style. Jo grew up in the middle of Canada and dreamed of nothing else but playing rock music. She gave everything up to persue her dream and ended up in this country where she is striving to get a settled band line-up out on the road.

The third of our acoustic session is from Nya. Nya headlined the Thursday night at Download Festival last year and even a year later the buzz that gave them is clear to see.

We also play an acoustic track from another one of our guest bands, Incassum. They perform the haunting song ‘So Red’. This is a Death Metal band who have never played acoustically in public before. Since their visit to Siren they have started to play acoustic sets at Festivals so we like to think we have inspired them in some way.DSC_0667

Incassum talking

The rest of the show is made up from various artists and bands featuring female singers. There is a wide variety of music styles to be heard.

Special guests on the show are Charlotte Wessels from Delain plus Emily Overden from Pythia and Mediaeval Babes. They talk to us about their music and plans for the next 12 months.

So please tune in Friday 8pm or to the repeat at 9pm and listen for yourself as we bring you Ladies Night on The Rock Train Extra Carriage.