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Interview Highlights Vol. #1 | The Cyber Den

Since 2014, The Cyber Den has been interviewing countless iconic figures from the world of gaming. This is a collection of the funniest moments from previous radio interviews, feat. Jon St. John (Duke Nukem), Joe Kucan (Kane – Command & Conquer), David Bateson (47 – Hitman) and Paul Eiding (Colonel Campbell – Metal Gear Solid). […]


Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas Interview (MediEvil Series Composers) | The Cyber Den

While Siren takes a break from its live shows (for now), that leaves us with plenty of time to revisit some of The Cyber Den’s past interviews. Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas, AKA Bob & Barn, are the masterminds behind the soundtrack for the beloved hack ‘n’ slash MediEvil series. Back in February they hopped […]


Aubrey Hodges Interview (Console DOOM & Quake Composer) | The Cyber Den

Aubrey Hodges has composed for well over 250 games in this three decades in the industry, ranging from the Nascar series to the days of Sierra Online games. He’s most famously known for his ambient music and sound design for the console versions of the DOOM & Quake series. Aubrey has a lot of fascinating […]


David Doak Interview (TimeSplitters, Goldeneye 64 & Perfect Dark) – The Cyber Den

Dr. David Doak has worked on critically-acclaimed Nintendo games like Goldeneye 64 & Perfect Dark. He also co-created the beloved TimeSplitters series as part of Free Radical Design. The good doctor was able to pop on The Cyber Den earlier this year to talk about his fascinating career in game development. Special thanks to Connor […]


Love Food Hate Waste on Food for Thought

Written by on 7th August 2013

Love Food Hate Waste on Food for Thought

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On this week’s Food for Thought I’ve been finding out more about food waste in the UK and how we can help to stop it. I’ve also been looking at the lab grown beef burger and would love to know what you think about it. Would you fancy eating one?

Photo: US Department of Agriculture via FlickrFinding out the some of the food you’ve bought has gone mouldy or is well past its expiration date is annoying. It’s also harmful to the environment to waste that food and have to throw it away as well as wasteful to your wallet.

To find out more about how to make good use of leftovers as well as tips and hints to help out when food shopping I spoke to Gill Matheson about the campaign Love Food Hate Waste. She’s a local partnership advisor for WRAP, who are behind Love Food Hate Waste.

Gill popped into the studio to talk about stopping food waste in general, as well as give advice on how to store food throughout the year, considering how to store food carefully during the summer months. Love Food Hate Waste also have a calendar of events to help people out with new food saving ideas every month. This month it is a students guide to a stir fry to help students save money and food.

You can listen to Food for Thought on Siren FM every Wednesday at 2pm, repeated on Saturday at 3pm.