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The 2020 Midweek Drive season launches with Alex Lewczuk, Beverley Spencer, Anna Lewis, William Coles, Tessa Snart, Zoe Jameson, Sarah Huntley, Abbie Lemay, Gwyneth Griffiths and Robin Pierce sharing their thoughts and life lessons in quirkiness


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Valentine Warner on Food for Thought

Written by on 5th September 2013

Valentine Warner on Food for Thought

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This week’s Food for Thought has another celebrity chef interview — this time Valentine Warner. He’s recently travelled to Scandinavia to record a new television series about their food and cooking culture, including seasonal dishes and a restaurant using moss and blood as ingredients.

Of course Food for Thought is about local food so there’s a roundup of news and events happening in Lincoln and Lincolnshire too.

You can listen to this week’s show at the bottom of this post.

Valentine Warner | Photo: Good Food

Valentine Warner is well known for his passion of using seasonal produce, and he’s recently travelled to Scandinavia where because of harsh weather conditions they also make good use of seasonal foods. During his travels for his new television show Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia he went ice fishing only equipped with a drill and bait and tried cooking with moss and blood. In fact he enjoyed his trip so much he sounds like he wants to move there.

You can listen to mine and Samantha Pidoux’s full interview with Valentine in this week’s podcast. But there’s a little extra from the interview too. When we were preparing the interview it’s ideal that everyone feels relaxed and Valentine did that with a sweet joke.

This week’s show had a quick roundup of local food events coming up soon, there’s some more information and links here to help you out.

This Saturday 7th September 2013 is the start of British Cheese Week. Find out more about local cheeses that you could try out by listening to Samantha Pidoux’s chat with Lyme Bank Farm about their range of artisan cheeses.

On September 21st 2013 there’s a food festival happening in Gainsborough with their own Bake Off competition for members of the public to enter. Coming up in October is the East Midlands Vegan Festival on October 12th 2013 at the Drill Hall and on October 26th is the annual Lincolnshire Sausage Festival. There’s plenty to look forward to.