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Interview Highlights Vol. #1 | The Cyber Den

Since 2014, The Cyber Den has been interviewing countless iconic figures from the world of gaming. This is a collection of the funniest moments from previous radio interviews, feat. Jon St. John (Duke Nukem), Joe Kucan (Kane – Command & Conquer), David Bateson (47 – Hitman) and Paul Eiding (Colonel Campbell – Metal Gear Solid). […]


Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas Interview (MediEvil Series Composers) | The Cyber Den

While Siren takes a break from its live shows (for now), that leaves us with plenty of time to revisit some of The Cyber Den’s past interviews. Paul Arnold & Andrew Barnabas, AKA Bob & Barn, are the masterminds behind the soundtrack for the beloved hack ‘n’ slash MediEvil series. Back in February they hopped […]


Aubrey Hodges Interview (Console DOOM & Quake Composer) | The Cyber Den

Aubrey Hodges has composed for well over 250 games in this three decades in the industry, ranging from the Nascar series to the days of Sierra Online games. He’s most famously known for his ambient music and sound design for the console versions of the DOOM & Quake series. Aubrey has a lot of fascinating […]


David Doak Interview (TimeSplitters, Goldeneye 64 & Perfect Dark) – The Cyber Den

Dr. David Doak has worked on critically-acclaimed Nintendo games like Goldeneye 64 & Perfect Dark. He also co-created the beloved TimeSplitters series as part of Free Radical Design. The good doctor was able to pop on The Cyber Den earlier this year to talk about his fascinating career in game development. Special thanks to Connor […]


Rachel Allen and Snap It Taste It Blog It

Written by on 2nd October 2013

Rachel Allen and Snap It Taste It Blog It

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Hope you all enjoyed some local foods for Lincolnshire Day. In this week’s show Snap It Taste It Blog It talk about Lincolnshire products and Samantha Pidoux and I chat to celebrity chef Rachel Allen.

Rachel Allen | Photo: UKTVRachel Allen is a well known celebrity Irish cook, you might recognise her from Saturday Kitchen, and she’s back on Good Food with her latest show Everyday Kitchen. It’s all about learning how to make the most of your ingredients and be clever with your food shop.

Earlier this week Samantha Pidoux and I chatted to Rachel Allen to find out more about the show, talk about her top tips when it comes to cooking on a budget and how she feels about being called the “Queen of Irish cooking”.

Also on this week’s podcast I chat to Alex and Ben from Snap It Taste It Blog It. The long distance couple who blog about their food adventures have been on Food for Thought before, with Ben in the studio and Alex on the phone in New York.

Snap it Taste it Blog it in the Siren studios | Photo: Snap it Taste it Blog & Gemma Benefer

This time both Alex and Ben are in Lincoln and have been spending their time together trying out new food from Lincolnshire and the rest of the country. They visited the Siren studios on Lincolnshire Day to talk to Food for Thought.

If you;ve enjoyed this week’s show why not listen to some other podcasts including when Lucy Bellamy talking about this year’s Great British Bake Off or listen to Lindsay Gardner talking about her business Spire Chocolates.

Alternatively you could listen to Siren FM every Wednesday at 2pm or Saturdays at 3pm.