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Siren Sport Show – Special with Tom Hopper a special edition of the Siren Sport Show, Lincoln City FC striker Tom Hopper joins Aaron Mayhew, Kieran Curtis and Ben Robinson to chat about his career and football season so far. 00:00 – Hopper’s injury 07:49 – Hopper’s career pre-Lincoln 22:50 – Hopper’s Lincoln move 29:00 – Quickfire Questions 35:53 – 20/21 season […]


The Reel Show with Corey and Murray- The Oscars on the Reel Show, Corey and Murray – the Reel Guys, go through the nominations for the 2021 Oscars! That’s right, it’s the biggest show of the film calendar year, and the Reel Guys are there to pick the winners and guide you through the nominees. With jokes and banter in store, it’s the […]


#5 Spotlights with Matt Young and Professor Abigail Woods week we talk to Professor Abigail Woods, a historian of science, technology and medicine and the Head of the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. Abigail tells us about how she went from veterinary surgeon to researcher, and about her fascinating work on the FIELD project that addresses the past, present and […]


Doddington Hall & Gardens at Easter 2021 of the gems in the Lincolnshire countryside is Doddington Hall, not far from Lincoln itself. The great news is that the gardens and other facilities are going to be open this Easter Weekend! James Birch and his family are lucky enough to own the Hall and live there, and he’s been telling Siren Radio’s […]

The Reel Show with Corey and Murray – Coming to America

Written by on 19th March 2021

With the release of 2021’s Coming 2 America, the Reel Guys, Corey and Murray, set out to review the new Eddie Murphy vehicle with their unique style of topical commentary and a few laughs along the way! A round of Good Film, Bad Review is to be played, with Eddie Murphy films in question – like Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek, and more. Here at the Reel Show, it’s your number one place for pop culture review and an insightful look at the latest film offerings. With perspectives on everything put to the screen, the Reel Guys are your guides through the amazing world of cinematographic material and content. With a Weekly Recc (Recommendation) every week, the Reel Guys give out what they’d like you to be watching or seeing each week! How could you ask for more?
Featuring music by Lipps Inc. and The Monkees.

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