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The University of North Texas in London

Andrew David and a team of visiting students from the University of North Texas takeover the airwaves.

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Owls, The Eton Affair, Tessa Snart, Foam, Lettuce leaves and Dark Phoenix

Beth Gulliver`s final Midweek Drive before her global expedition begins features Anna Lewis in Kew Gardens, William Coles in Edinburgh, Melissa Wild on Tea, Fergus Jeffs on avoiding coffee, Tessa Snart commenting on Ed James` latest single, Alan Stevens discussing the latest `Celestial Toyroom`, Phil Hurdwood reprising his classic lettuce story , Robin Pierce discussing […]

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American Cousins June 2019 from his man-cave in LA, join Bruce K. Rosenblum our West Coast Correspondent and Siren’s Andrew David live in Lincoln for 58 minutes of incisive, exciting, edgy and fun filled chat ranging from President Trump to Prime Minister May and taking in MASH, NCIS LA, Mike Farrell and how to be inspiring amidst the […]

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Into the Guardian Top 20 for University of Lincoln Wilkinson, one of the University of Lincoln’s most senior members of staff, explains just why everyone’s so excited by the latest Guardian University Guide tables which has the University in the top 20.  He’s in conversation with Siren’s Andrew David


The Local Music Spotlight: 9th August 2018

Kai Valentine 9th August 2018


Join Kai Valentine from 4pm as he guides you through an hour of locally produced music on Siren Radio.

And we have a very special treat for you as this show features not one, not two, but THREE brand new tracks debuting on The Local Music Spotlight!

Thursday 9th August 2018:

Stand Up by Alice’s Night Circus
Fire by Carry The Crown
Undercovers by The Hat Tricks
East Coast Song by Kieran Campbell – Solo Music
Bitter Lemon by Lizzy Sawyer
Who We Are by Mark Williams
Killing Time by Lauren Pincher
Wait by Andrew McEwan
Sometimes by Weallfallsilent
In These Bones by Vincent Vain
My Voodoo Child by Rain Children
Jo Hoare’s Alphabetical Birthday Song by Viv Murrell Music
Mind The Gap by DUKES De LUDA
FYI by Thomas Lock Music
It’s Up To You by Yob Culture

The Local Music Spotlight

Presented by Kai Valentine

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