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Page: 2 was Tilly’s Birthday and Fallen (by Evanesence)’s birthday, plus everyone’s tours have been rescheduled! Set List: 22 – Pale Waves Vampire – Saint Agnes Going Under – Evanescence Better Without You – Evanescence Rock and Roll Heaven – The Pretty Reckless and Cameron choose their favourite female-fronted bands to be nominated that should have been nominated for ‘Best Metal Performance’ category in The Femmies! Set List: Triggers – Reality Suite Underneath – Code Orange Legacy – Unleash the Archers Noise – Nightwish Sakura Rising – Wagakkiband Endo – Devilskin On The Top – Jinjer (Alive […] the first anniversary in the UK of the 1st Lockdown starting, Bruce K. Rosenblum opens up the electronic portals of the LA Man Cave for his weekly session with Siren Radio’s, Execuitve Managing Editor, Andrew David. Recorded around 1500 Tuesday 23rd March 2021 the release of 2021’s Coming 2 America, the Reel Guys, Corey and Murray, set out to review the new Eddie Murphy vehicle with their unique style of topical commentary and a few laughs along the way! A round of Good Film, Bad Review is to be played, with Eddie Murphy films in question – […] week we’re talking about the value of our industrial waste with Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez, an Associate Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Lincoln. Host Matt finds out all about how chemists such as Jose are using computers and the chemistry lab to create small scale tools to solve our big world problems, […] Cawte is back wikth another episode of Siren Radio’s literary programme, “Word Perfect.” His guest is DC Diamondopolous. Broadcast of Siren Radio at 1600 Mondays and 1300 Sundays. again, the man in the LA man-cave, Bruce K. Rosenblum is happy to open its doors and welcome in Siren Radio’s, Managing Editor, Andrew David for thirty minutes of catching up on the way of the US world and things!   Recorded between 1400-1500 Tuesday 16th March 2021’s tough if you’re part of a charity and rely on regular fund raising events and the last 12 months has been crippling for many organisations. Luckily there are people like Matt Thompson who, inspired by meeting someone, felt moved, nay, driven to do something practical to help. Ruben is the inspiration for a song […] you ever wanted to make your own film? Well – now Murray and Corey can! Yes, it’s the Reel Show and yes, the Reel Guys are back and finishing their week of Video Game film-related shows with a grand finale. This week they cast their own Video Game films! Corey chooses the Nintendo Arcade […] this episode of the Spotlights podcast, host Matt Young chats to ethnomusicologist, Dr Cassandre Balosso-Bardin about all things music. Cassandre introduces us to the Majorcan bagpipes, the wildly successful International Bagpipe Day project, and her academic efforts to support the livelihoods of professional musicians in the UK and beyond.   Find out more about […]